Step-By-Step: Hidden Storage Picture Frame DIY

Keep all foyers and hallways clutter-free with Leigh-Ann's genius picture frame storage solutions!


  • framed art (ensure that the frame is sturdy)
  • 1x4x6 pine boards
  • wood glue
  • wood screws
  • full extension drawer slides
  • chop saw (*or ask your local home improvement store to cut wood to desired lengths)
  • construction adhesive
  • cup hooks
  • drill or nail gun
  • primer and paint


How To:
1. To make the frame that will go behind the artwork, cut the top and bottom horizontal wood pieces smaller than the picture frame length (both the same size)
2. Cut the vertical pieces (4) that will be sandwiched between the lengths (one on each end, and 2 spaced in the centre for support. Total wood frame height should be smaller than the art frame so it’s hidden behind).
3. Cut down 3 of the vertical pieces width-wise by the thickness of the drawer slide (approximately 3/4”). This will allow the drawer slide to sit flush in the frame.
4. Assemble the pieces on a flat surface and place the drawer slides to ensure that the two inside vertical support pieces of wood line up with holes on the slides to attach.
5. Add wood glue to all areas where the wood will be attached, and then using a drill or nail gun, secure all pieces together.
6. Prime and paint the wood frame the same colour as your walls, and allow to dry thoroughly.
7. Screw in the drawer slides, and then put them in the fully extended position, flip the frame over on a flat surface, and screw the drawer slides onto the back of the picture frame
8. to secure to the wall, make a French cleat (a piece of wood cut into two on a 45 degree angle) and attached into a wall stud.
9. Hang, stash, and enjoy!