Michaella Shannon On Personal Growth And Overcoming Trauma

How do we break down the walls we have spent years and years building and reinforcing?

There are three kinds of obstacles that I want to talk about.

  1. Obstacles that get put in front of us as a test to make us stronger, wiser and further equipped to move into the next phase of our lives. If you are in-tune with yourself, these obstacles will teach you a lot about yourself.
  2. Obstacles that we are born into. As an Indigenous Woman, there are tons of obstacles and barriers that exist that I must constantly be trying to figure out how to overcome. Obstacles such as racism, bullying, assimilation, becoming a statistic and basic rights to clean drinking water.
  3. Then, there are the obstacles that we create for ourselves.

I find we create a lot of the obstacles that are in our lives. We create obstacles or barriers that keep us from moving forward because:

  1. We are afraid. Fear is the number one reason for creating obstacles for ourselves. Fear of facing your truth and not feeling worthy of your dreams are both obstacles that prevent you from making them come true.
  2. We might not feel worthy or we feel undeserving.
  3. We are shy or we lack confidence.
  4. We don’t trust ourselves.
  5. We can’t be honest with ourselves.
  6. We just aren’t ready to do the work or we don’t have time to do the work because we are so caught up with the hustle and grind of everyday life – and this is something I struggle to make time for. I’m a model, an actor, a TV host, a writer, I work two jobs, where do I possibly find the time to go to therapy and work through my trauma?
  • I just wrote a blog on my blog, Walk With Me, “Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors” and I talk about old patterns.
  • Referring to behaviours, reactions, feelings, actions and choices that may be toxic, negative, counterproductive, self-sabotaging or limiting to your personal growth.
  • Recurring patterns of behaviour that keep happening time and time again. These are all obstacles, walls that we create for ourselves.

So how do we break down the walls we have spent years and years building and reinforcing?

  • My experiences and the things that are helping me demolish those walls. -20 years of learned behaviours, defence mechanisms, coping mechanisms, survival responses and involuntary reactions that are now embedded in my cellular memory.
  • In order to break those walls down you must abandon your ego, your victim mentality, blamer mentality, avoidance mentality, your entitlement, your expectations and your need for control over other people and your surroundings.
  • Red Table Talk ​with Chelsea Handler Example that I can relate to… -I can relate to this because I lost my sister when I was 12 and my brother when I was 19.

When you do the work required for personal growth, you will then be able to make your dreams come true. You will have the space, the mental capacity, the spiritual strength, the self confidence and the freedom to go after what you want. There won’t be anything to hold you back.

  • Own your truth and face your truth – be honest with yourself.
  • Take the jump and go to therapy.
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Dedicating time to self care. That could be anything from therapy, working out, getting your nails done, reading a book, going for a day trip, going for a walk. Spend time with yourself, hang out with yourself, get to know you.

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