8 Days Left: Deep Clean Your Home

Ready for the onslaught of holiday visitors? If you'll be hosting over the holidays, check out these tips for a guest-ready home (Dec. 17)

One of the most magical things about the holidays is time spent with loved ones. But if you’re the person hosting said loved ones, you know all too well the checklist of chores to get done before they come to stay. So how deep do you clean when preparing for holiday guests? Psst, you can have a clean home without going overboard.

Lifestyle Expert Shoana Jensen has pro tips to get your home prepped and sparkling clean in no time — and you can do it all chemical-free!

TIP 1:

Use your essential oil diffuser.  They don’t just smell phenomenal and make you feel better; diffusers also clean the air. Double duty!

TIP 2:

Make your own all-purpose cleaner. Fill an empty spray bottle with equal parts water and vinegar, and voilà! A simple and safe cleaner that will do wonders on almost any dirty surface. Pro tip: add a few drops of your favourite essential oil for a nice scent.

TIP 3:

Relax! Sure, it may sound counterintuitive — but a rested and relaxed you will be a better host to your guests than a perfectly clean house. Enjoy yourself!