Fitness in the new year

Get moving this New Years!

Start by simply moving your body. We often talk about New Years Resolutions and while they can be great some of us can be all or nothing which is not sustainable. So here are some simple exercises to do to get started so you can incorporate fitness in your everyday life – they can be done anywhere really and can be modified.

  • Get out for a walk, or find an indoor track or mall and start walking. Start with a goal of let’s say 20 minutes and increase as you get stronger. You can even add simple things to your day like taking the stairs at work or if you live in a condo
  • Squats – they are great for building strength in your legs. Start by doing 10-12 reps for 3 rounds. You can start by using your couch or dining room chair to make sure you have the correct form and then you can even start adding weight – if you have kids you can hold your kid while you squat to add some extra challenge
  • Push Ups are not only helpful for building the muscles in your arms but also your core and they can be done a few ways depending on your fitness level – in box position, from your knees, your toes, even the wall or your kitchen counters. Be sure to keep that core nice and strong and your neck neutral. As you get stronger you can start doing them from your toes if you’re not quite there yet
  • The last one is focusing on core which is really important – the core is the center of our body and provides us strength and stability for all the things we do. Strengthening your core you will also find that it helps minimize low back or hip pain as well. One of my favourites is planks and there are so many ways to do them and to challenge yourself – you can do them high or low, from your toes, knees or in box position. You can then get fancy and do plank taps or plank walks and so many more options to help build that strong core and upper body strength. Remember to keep your core engaged and keep a flat back while in plank position and keep that neck neutral.

Now when it comes to forming the habits of adding fitness to your life here are some really quick ways to help:

  • Decide how many days a week you’d like to get your body moving – I usually recommend starting with 3 days per week and moving your way up – again remembering that this is a marathon, not a sprint, so balance is key
  • Schedule your workouts and consider them like important dates with yourself – put it in your calendar or even use the calendar function on your phone. Start by putting in your mandatory tasks like work, family responsibilities and then put your workouts in where they make the most sense for you
  • Listen to your body as you get started – as you get moving you’ll likely experience some muscle tightness so make sure to get lots of water, stretch and get proper rest.
  • Have grace on yourself – if you miss a day because something comes up, no worries, just reschedule it. Remember this is a form of self-love and it should be a positive experience

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