6 Modern Ways To Rock The Old Hollywood Hair Scarf Look

A hair scarf can elevate your look in a matter of seconds!

Favoured by Hollywood icons like Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren – the hair scarf is a must have that just wont quit. Hair stylist Jason Lee shows us 6 ways to put a cool modern take on this classic hairstyle which can elevate your look super.

A simple hippie look on beach waves

This style will give you a great hippie or bohemian vibe. Simply fold a scarf lengthwise twice, place it on your forehead and tie at the back of your head.

Half-up style

Put your hair into a half up style. Fold your scarf into the width you desire and simply knot it around your hair for a little added touch! Similarly, knot your scarf around your ponytail for something slightly different.

The headband 

With your hair in a bun or ponytail Tie a knot in the middle of your scarf and place it on top of your head. Secure it in the back for an easy headband. You can also flip it around to feature the tie in the front for another look.

A bohemian wrap on beach waves

Fold your scarf in half and place it on your head. This is a simple bohemian look that superstar Rihanna often sports.

The braid

Put your hair into a low ponytail and tie your scarf into a headband. Braid the ends of the scarf into your ponytail and leave it as is or twist it into a low bun!