Job Searching Tips for This Uncertain Time

Thinking about finding a new job? Use these tips to help you during this uncertain time!

If you happen to be someone who is out of work right now or between jobs, you are probably noticing that there are not as many postings. Most companies are not hiring right now because they don’t know whats going on and how long it will take for this thing to pass. If you are someone who is doing a job search right now, you are probably feeling quite frustrated. Here are somethings you can do to shake up your job search that you wouldn’t normally do.

Promote yourself as a Freelancer

What a lot of people are doing is promoting themselves as freelancers and temporarily giving up that long term, full time job search. If this is something that you would consider you should state this in your job applications. Also, reaching out to companies and organizations directly and offer up freelance services.

Change Linkedin Profile

Changing your linkedin profile during this time to reflect the fact that you are looking for freelance work. Organizations feel a lot safer right now hiring people on a short term contract basis and allow for more sporadic hours.

Thinking about Making Change

What if you have a job now but you are thinking about making a change. Now is not the best time to be executing major changes at work. However, this is a good time to be thinking more deeply about what it is you want. Once things settle you will be clear on what it is you want to look for and how you would like to proceed with making those changes in your career.

Silver Lining

One strange silver lining happening for a lot of people right now is anxiety. And all that anxiety people are feeling right now is doing something to fine tune our sense of where we feel aligned at work and at life. Also, it’s helping to show us where we feel unaligned at work and at life.

Using Time

You can use this time to notice what matters to you and what kind of people you want to work for. During this time people are noticing different kinds of leadership and are craving leadership that will support them in a time of need. Think about what’s next and working less on execution and more on seeking clarity is something you can do during this time. This is the perfect timing to be thinking like this since you are so aware of yourself and whats happening.

Key take aways

  1. Think about what matters to you
  2. Thinking about some longterm changes
  3. What you don’t want in the next phase of your career
  4. What you do want in the next phase of your career
  5. What type of people and environments you think best you would thrive in



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