How To Conduct A Virtual Passover Seder While Social Distancing

Here's how to throw a meaningful virtual Seder with loved ones, while maintaining physical distancing!

With Passover beginning tonight, i’m sharing how to celebrate the holiday with loved ones – from a safe distance!

Send out Invitations….virtually

Women brainstorming in front of computer

Make this Seder even more special then other years. While most seders will likely happen over social networks, that can be impersonal, so this year send out an e-vite and play it up! This is a great opportunity to get the kids involved in the design!

Decorate as always

While it might be easier to throw your arms up and not decorate for the holiday, keeping up the decorating traditions, it will help getting you into the holiday spirit. So do it up!

Tip: Concentrate on the areas that will be the primary shot of your video Seder!

Cook Together even If you can’t be together

couple cooking

While families usually spilt the cooking, this year might feel as though that’s not a possibility. Cooking the entire meal on your own can be overwhelming. Instead, Split the cooking chores as you usually would, and each family member can portion out their contribution and drop it off at their respective family members homes. That way, everyone who participates in the video Seder has the same meal and it makes the Seder feel a little more personal.

Set a place for your laptop/tablet

While your invited guests will be attending virtually, set a proper place for them, and place your tablet/laptop in their place. That way, your guests can be part of the entire Seder, virtually.

Plan a special activity

One thing that every child waits for during the Seder, is looking for the hidden Afikoman.

There are traditionally three pieces of matzah in the middle of the Seder table; the middle piece is called the afikomen. Bringing out a little bit of friendly competition, this middle piece of matzah is hidden by adults at the Seder and the children are responsible for locating the piece. Whoever finds it, wins!

Keep this tradition going by having each household compete with one and other – the winner needing to produce the Afikoman over the video for all to see.

Chag Sameach! Happy Passover!