How To Energize Your Mornings & Support Your Immune System

Use these tips to boost your morning routine!

It is important to maintain a healthy routine at home especially during this time. It’s okay if you are snacking a little bit more than usual and to understand to be gentle and not get down on yourself. But if you want to start a healthy morning routine that you will be able to maintain, here are some tips!

Stay hydrated: Try to drink at least half your weight in ounces every single day. Try lemon water upon rising as well as decaf tea.

Coffee: Try coconut oil and/or butter to your morning coffee. The good fat will give you sustained energy, help to stabilize our blood sugar, and curb hunger.

Green tea: Green tea is a great option as it is loaded with antioxidants and it also has a little bit of caffeine, so it gives you energy without the jitters and it contains antioxidants that are beneficial for our health.

Apoptogenic herbs: Apoptogenic herbs like tulsi (Holy basil), ashwagandha, Siberian ginseng and rhodiola help our bodies cope better with stress and help to balance energy levels.

Smoothie: I love making myself a smoothie in the morning. Get creative! Use what you have in your fridge—fresh or frozen. You can also buy prepared smoothies from Evive Smoothie where it comes prepared and all you need to do is add water.

Baking: Experiment with different ingredients when you’re baking. Try adding superfoods like pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, any of the powders above, even dried fruits and nuts.

Grocery List Suggestions: Add these ingredients to keep your energy levels high: Apples and sweet potatoes, eggs, lentils, avocadoes, and healthy snacks. Citrus fruits and veggies are great too because they’re high in vitamin C.

Avoid: Avoid foods that will give deplete your energy levels like sugar, alcohol and “white” foods

By: Andrea Donsky (@andreadonsky), Founder of