Keeping Romance And Intimacy Alive During COVID-19

Stay connected with the ones you love during this unprecedented time.

During this time of quarantine and social distancing, people are turning to dating apps more than ever to seek connections and love. Whether those connections be romantic – or just looking for someone to talk to -decide what you’re looking for based on your needs before you begin to swipe.

Authenticity on Dating Apps 

More talking, less swiping. Now is a good time to re-enter dating apps because people are wanting to talk more. More talking will lead to deeper connections. Take a step back and figure out what you are looking for during this time. Is it a romantic connection? Or, are you simply bored and need someone to talk to? Either way, every decision you make is a good experience and learning curve. At the end of the day, couples who meet online right now aren’t able to develop a physical connection until social distancing ends.

Pause on Relationships 

Use this time to your advantage to figure out what you want – and then go back into dating after this is over. You can still be talking to people and making connections, but I suggest not talking to more than 5 people at a time. Any more people creates a reverse effect and will leave you confused.

Journey of love 

There is no set advice one can give to prepare for the journey of love. Instead, one should prepare, research, and mentally be in the best shape possible. Try and rewrite the script to learn about your past and figure out what difficulties you’ve had in relationships. Having a good grasp on yourself is the first piece of a healthy love life. The process of dating should be about learning. Eventually that answer might lead to marriage, or whatever your end goal may be. However, do not solely enter a relationship for marriage. This may counteract the process.

Keeping Sex Fresh

If you are alone with your loved one during this time you may be full of adrenaline and sex drive. It’s important to remember that people are coping differently and have different wants and needs. Adrenaline is up and you may confuse stress with sexual tension. Also, if you are the type of person who loves make up sex this is especially prominent during this time of tension – known as fight or flight sex. On the other hand, you or your partner may just want to be intimate and have less sex. No person is wrong with how they are dealing with their emotions, everyone is coping differently.

Long Distance Relationships

If you are in a long distance relationship during this time it is important to remember you are not alone. There are so many technological options that are open and can bring out your ‘Digi Sexuality’. Utilizing these options will get you as close as possible without putting each other at risk. This is another learning curve and will teach you how to connect with the tools available to you now.