A Simple DIY Wine Bottle Branches Floral Arrangement

Brighten up your home with this beautiful floral arrangement!

For this arrangement, I have created two versions using Magnolia branches and Forsythia, which are both in bloom right now. But feel free to experiment with any flowering branch or whatever you can get your hands on. Even a leafy green would be lovely. Something with fewer blooms will be more sculptural and minimalist, whereas something with lots of small blooms or leaves will be more voluminous. Both will look great!

Here is a step-by-step guide to the easiest floral arrangement that
ANYONE can do.

1. Find an old wine bottle. I happened to have a few (maybe too many?!) empties in the blue bin. Soak the bottle in warm soapy water to remove the label. After peeling off the label, remove gummy residue with Goo Gone or a similar product. Rinse the bottle with water and if you want your flowers to last a long time,
take an extra step to dunk the bottle into water with bleach or vinegar to disinfect it.

2. Select two stems of your chosen branches. I like branches that are not completely straight and have at least one off-shoot.

3. Cut the bottom of your stems on a 45° angle with floral clippers or gardening shears (the ratcheting kind will get through thicker branches more easily). Trim the taller of the two branches to be about 1.5 times the height of the wine bottle. Trim the second stem to be visibly shorter than the first. Arrange the two stems so that one is pointing slightly left, and one is pointing slightly to the right.

4. There, you did it. You are a florist!