3 Tips From A Tech Expert to Teach Your Kids At Home

These are the simplest ways to integrate education into your children's online experience.

Being tech-savvy is a skill acquired all in good time. But with kids spending so much time learning from a distance using computers or tablets, it’s the best opportunity to teach them the must-knows about how to use their screen time wisely!

Tip #1: Screen time can be a good thing

This is when screen time can be a great thing!  There are so many great educational tools parents can take advantage of. Tablets are a super great way to help kids navigate and interact with educational apps and a variety of online tools. Educational apps offer an opportunity for kids to practice all of their material learned in all of their subjects and even ways to educate themselves around their areas of interest. The best part is that there are tablets available for any budget!

Tip #2: The must-have educational tools

There are a variety of apps that can be used on tablets to help kids practice all of their skills and school subjects

  • Geography: Planet Geo
  • Reading: EPIC and Digital Library
  • Math: MATHLAND
  • Stem: Robot School
  • History: World History for Kids
  • French: Duolingo
  • Science: Solar Walk and Inventioneers

If you’re looking for more interactive options Lisa recommends the following:

  • Leapfrog: Not all kids learn in the same way. Leapfrog and Vtech have come up with an interactive learning system for all learners!
  • Leapstart 3D: With over 400 activities and 25 books available, this resource is perfect for visual or auditory learners. This interactive system lets kids play 3D games and activities that improve over 50+ key skills. This is available for every grade level between the ages of 3-8. Students can build on subjects like math, reading, problem solving and science.
  • Leap Pad Academy: This is an android based tablet that’s packed with 20+ apps. Kids can enjoy age-appropriate videos, games and websites. Parents can also download 750+ apps from Leapfrog Learning Academy

Tip #3 – Computer literacy – now is the time to teach kids how to use a computer.  

Using technology to learn is a prime opportunity for parents to teach kids how to use such a resourceful and powerful tool. Kids of all ages finally have an opportunity to learn how to use a computer and navigate such a tool to find information. Older kids can use this time to learn how to research credible information, organize their computer desktop and even learn correct email etiquette! They can also create a mock resume or take the time to update one they already have.

Get to know the top educational websites: TVO (tvokids.com),  Scholastic (Classroom Magazine offers free books for all grade levels – classroommagazines.scholastic.com), National Geographic (kids.nationalgeographic.com), Spatulatta (Spatulatta.com – cooking for kids), EPIC, PBS Kids , Brain Pop.