5 Ways To Wear Your Basic White Tank Top

Make the most of your favourite white tank top with these style tips from Kim Appelt.

Remember that tank top hanging in your closet that you’ve put away because you’ve run out of ways to wear it? Fashion expert Kim Appelt is here to help with 5 all-new ways to style the classic look.

Look 1: Leopard skirt or jean jacket

Having a patterned bottom will draw attention to the skirt and your skirt will become the focal point of the outfit! It’s super easy to throw on a fancy or patterned bottom with your white tank. The patterned skirt is ideal for those who are top-heavy and want to draw attention to their bottom designs. If you don’t have a patterned skirt another easy look is to throw on a jean jacket with some black flats. The jean jacket is a summer staple that will never go out of style!

Look 2: White jeans, tank and jean jacket

Easy to put together and a chic look that’s easily achievable is what most of us are looking for, for a day-to-day summer outfit! This monochromatic, slimming and chic look is extremely easy to throw together if you’re in a rush. Also, this look can be easily modified according to your body type. This simple, chic and uniform outfit is perfect for any occasion on a cooler summer day or evening!

Look 3: Jeans and a cover-up

This is a simple way to dress up the white tank! Not only is this look also slimming because your arms are covered but it’s very lightweight. Paired with nude square toe kitten heels your outfit is guaranteed to draw attention for a fancier and bolder summer look.

Look 4: White dress shorts and a cover-up

This box shape created by the pieces gives the illusion of a waist making it ideal for slender body types. Shorts are great if your legs are your feature you enjoy showing off the most. In addition to the shorts, your cover-up can be a light, breezy and boho style addition to the overall look!

Look 5 – Summer office look and add a matching blazer

Lastly, this classy on-trend look is perfect for your more formal summer evenings! Once you throw a blazer on top of the tank top you’re office ready! This outfit is great for getting multiple uses from each of the pieces. Getting ready for that office meeting on a scorching summer day? Throw the blazer one once you get to work and you’ll be set!