4 Style Lessons To Pull Off The Divisive Biker Short

Bike shorts have notoriously been divisive within the fashion community. Give them a second chance with these styling tips and tricks!

Bike shorts were everywhere last summer, and it’s safe to say they’re in again this summer. You’ve seen them all over social media, the look is both affordable and versatile. But the question still remains – how do we wear bike shorts when we are not going to hop on our bike for a spin class?  Now with self isolation at home and comfort being key you may want to explore how to wear the longer trim bike short and other cuts it has inspired. 

  1. Make it fashion over fitness with longer bike shorts
    Use full creative expression when styling bike shorts. Consider bike shorts with a diamond side detail with a long white blouse, belted, and white sneakers. This look is perfect for zoom calls and social distancing coffee dates in the park. It’s always good to accessorize in order to balance the contrasting white blouse. Have some fun by mixing formal and casual accessories together. If you don’t want to replicate that trend in full, don’t worry – go denim. Finding looks that are longer than your workout bike shorts is key with making it a fashion over fitness vibe.
  2. Switch up the look with a long denim short
    If you feel more comfortable wearing longer shorts, look into black denim Bermuda shorts with a padded shoulder tank top, layered necklaces, and strappy heels. This is a great mix of a casual chic top with strappy sandals on the bottom. 
  3. Your shorts should end slightly above the knee
    Every body can rock these shorts because it mimics that same fitted line that a pencil skirt does, or skinny jeans. Just don’t go below the knee – end slightly above it. Pair it with a low cut sneaker or strappy flat to lengthen the leg line. Examine pairing the Bermuda denim shorts with a floral blouse and a bold blue jacket.  This combo is effortless and chic, perfect for brunch or a creative work meeting. 
  4. Pair with low-cut sneakers or strappy flats to lengthen the leg line
    Go dressy and pair your bike shorts with a jacket and kitten heel for summer at the office. Try replacing the jacket, and use a summer light knitted cardigan. For fun, underneath, style it with a faux leather bralette. It’s a common sight on social media but under a cardigan is more attainable.