4 Steps To Plan A Safe And Sustainable Picnic

Pack the perfect picnic this summer using expert, Sarah Gunn's, tips!

There’s no doubt that food tastes better when you’re sitting in the beautiful sunshine with a cold glass of your favourite beverage and your favourite snacks. However, an alfresco feast requires planning so here are Sarah Gunn’s most practical tips to make sure your picnic is perfect!

Tip #1: Basket and blanket options  

The most important items for a picnic, aside from the food, is having a basket that will ensure your food stays fresh and a blanket to lay on. Choosing a basket sounds easier than it is, so Sarah suggests choosing from one of these baskets!

Tip #2: Food safety is key

Make sure to keep food cool as long as possible and pack it right before you leave for your picnic. Before you leave, place several ice packs in your basket to ensure your food stays chilled. As nice as it looks to have the full picnic out on display, it is much safer to take food out as you need and put it back, covered in the basket.

Tip #3: Prevent leaks and spills

To ensure there are no unintended messes, add salad dressings at the very last minute before you leave. Also, store the salads or anything else that may leak separate from everything else!

Tip #4: Serving and Eating

It can be tempting to bring disposable plates and utensils to minimize cleaning when you get back. However, it is best to use recyclable things or reusable things to minimize waste.

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