5 Ways To Prevent Getting Bug Bites This Season

Buh-bye, bug bites!

Just picture this: A beautiful evening in the yard, chardonnay in hand and your closet friends around you enjoying a lovely summer barbecue. Except for the mosquitos that feel like they just won’t bugger off. Landscape expert Carson Arthur shares his must-knows for repelling all bugs this Summer.

It’s officially true! If you have more potassium in your system from things like bananas or your daily diet, you are more likely to be attractive to biting insects. Female mosquitoes need the protein in blood to lay eggs which makes them extra hungry in spring. Even worse…if your blood type is O, you are considered tastier to mosquitos. There are several things you can do to avoid bug bites this summer:

  1. Clothes from Marks with no – bite technology
    This clothing repels both ticks & mosquitoes. Mosquitoes use their eyes to hunt, so wear light clothing as it is harder for them to see.
  2. Thermacell Patio protector
    This creates a 15-foot zone of protection in any outdoor space you like!
  3. Trike mosquito shield
    This shield kills 70% of mosquitoes in 21 days
  4. Garlic Mosquito Barrier
    This liquid solution is great for repelling ticks and mosquitoes for up to a month!
  5. Ultrasonic mosquito shield armband
     These bracelets emit high-frequency ultrasonic buzzing sounds that are too high for humans to hear but repel mosquitoes!

If you’re planning on heading into the wilderness, you still need to spray and cover up with the traditional buy spray for protection! All of these are either deterrents or stop the overall breeding cycle of the mosquitos. This, in turn, makes mosquitoes better for the environment because they don’t hurt or kill any beneficial insects!

4 Facts about mosquitoes: 

  1. Mosquitoes like beer so are more likely to attack someone consuming beer than any other beverage on the patio!
  2. One female mosquito can lay up to 10,000 eggs in her life cycle.
  3. A mosquito’s sense of smell is about 10,000 times better than humans and the mosquitoes are able to locate humans because they detect the carbon dioxide given off by us.
  4. Being active makes you more attractive to mosquitos because they like the lactic acid and heat that are generated during exercise.