How to Achieve Your 10,000 Step Fitness Goal At Home

Zehra Allibhai has some tips on how you can get in some extra steps through the day to get to your 10,000.

I know so many of us have heard that we should try and get in 10,000 steps a day. Now more than ever with many of us being home, getting in those 10,000 steps can be a real challenge. Zehra Allibhai has some tips on how you can get in some extra steps through the day to get to your 10,000.

  1. Set a Loop Around the House
    And go though it a few times throughout the day!  If you can’t get out for a  walk, then walking around the house may be a great way to get your steps in. People have run marathons in their house during this quarantine!
  2. Don’t Keep Still
    Don’t let sitting or standing still be the default. Walk while you’re on the phone, marching in place while you brush your teeth, dance and cook! The more we move out bodies the more we will continue to move. So try not to get in the habit of sitting for too long of a period of time. 
  3. Incorporate Activity  in Your Schedule 
    Have set times for moving, watching a show or binging something on Netflix? Make a point to get up and do a few loops of the house after each episode. Or if you’re sitting at your computer all day, set a time for every 30 minutes to get up and take a few steps, either around the house or march in place. 
  4. Go For a Family Walk
    The weather has been beautiful and if you can get out. Why not get some quality family time. Try to get in 30 -45 minutes. That can range from 3,000-4,500 steps.
  5. Take Your Time Doing the Laundry
    Take your time. Hang those shirts and dresses and put them in the closet one at a time. March on the spot while you fold your clothes.
  6. Friendly Competition
    So many of us have smart watches and apps that measure our steps, share with friends and family and have a little competition and see who can get the most steps in throughout the day!

These all may seem like small things but they do add up. If you’re conscious about trying to get more steps in, you will find ways to move more!