3 Wow-Worthy Eye Makeup Looks To Rock With Your Face Mask

Beauty expert Tracy Peart shows us three bold eye makeup looks to pair with your face mask this summer.

For all the beauty lovers out there who consider makeup an art – you might be finding face masks are removing half the canvas or removing any makeup we put on. However, that doesn’t need to be the case. While your lipsticks and highlighters may be collecting dust, there are lots of opportunities to get creative with your lids and lashes! Tracy Peart is here now with some wow-worthy eye makeup ideas to wear with your face mask.


Look #1: Fish tail eyeliner

  • Get a blue eyeliner and draw the bottom liner, starting halfway on the eye and wing it upwards at the end
  • On the top line, start halfway on the eye, and at the end angle the end of the line downwards. Creating a criss-cross or fishtail at the end corner of the eye
  • Apply lashes 


Look #2: Pastel perfection

  • On the inner part of the lid, apply a pink and make sure it stops halfway on the eye
  • Starting halfway on the eye, apply a green and concentrate it on the outer corner of the eye
  • Splitting the eye in half, evenly with each colour
  • Apply eyeliner
  • Apply lashes


Look #3: True Blue

  • Apply blue eyeshadow to entire lid
  • Add sparkle over blue base
  • Add definition to the look with eyeliner
  • Add extra glam with a set of false lashes