3 Steps To Reset Your Money For September

Get ready for the new season with these money tips.

This is the perfect time for a reset. Like any year, because it is September.  But this year in particular because life has been so wonky for the last 6 months. So, our September Money Reset is going to involve THREE steps.  Ready. Set. Go.

Ready: This is a reset, not a total overhaul.  You have enough going on this fall.  Choose one, maybe two money areas.  Here’s a menu, in order of priority:

  • Improve cash flow: Earn more, spend less.
  • Eliminate credit card debt.
  • Save for things that are important to you – like an emergency fund, a down payment, retirement, or kids’ education.
  • Get organized. On insurance, wills, filing paper.
  • Getting “ready” is about choosing the area that will have the biggest impact for you. Not the easiest, because the biggest impact.  Filing paper might be easiest, but will make no difference if you have credit card debt!


You have chosen your money. Now, brainstorm some actions you could take:

  • Eliminate credit card debt:
    • Take the card out of your wallet and use debit or cash only.
    • Apply for a low rate card and transfer your balance.
    • Set up an automatic card payment for as much as you can afford.
  • Saving for retirement:
    • Set up an automatic withdrawal to go into your retirement account on every payday.


In terms of minutes, not long at all. The credit card debt “actions” – under an hour.  It isn’t the perfect plan, but it will move you forward.  You don’t need to do a full budget, and sign up for an app.  Stop using your card, lower your interest payment and pay it off automatically.

I am a big fan of “under promise and overdeliver.” For dinner at my house, I promise to feed you.  That’s it.  It may not be delicious, it may not be healthy, it may not even be warm, but I will feed you.

Then when I produce tacos with all the fixins, I’m a hometown hero. Wave the checker flag. Take the actions.  You have to move from what you “could” do.  To what you “will” do.

It takes something on your part to take action, I get it. It will likely take patience, creativity, discipline and courage. The big one is courage – to change your habits. You can spend days or weeks or months processing all that, finding your chee, getting into flow, or you can just take the credit card out of your wallet.