3 Canadian Locations For The Perfect Fall Getaway

Experience all that Canada has to offer this season with your Fall travel guide.

Looking to safely satisfy your travel craving? Travel Expert Lorraine Simpson shares your guide to getting away in Canada this season.


British Columbia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada. It’s got stunning beaches in the summer, and the fall brings with it so much warmth in the surrounding landscape. Kootenay National Park is a great place to visit. It really has something for everyone. You’re right in the midst of the Rockies; perfect for a scenic drive or an adventurous hike. The fall leaves are starting to change, and this is really a great place to experience the foliage. I personally love to take road trips. Keith drives for hours and we stop off when we see something that looks interesting. I love to find things like a secret waterfall or a Winery where we can do a tasting or even have a bite to eat.

Along the way between Kootenay Mountain and Mount Thompson you can find the Ballie-Grohman Estate Winery. The grapes are picked by hand, and you can take an estate tour and do a tasting. You can also book a private barrel tasting with their winemaker.

If you’re looking for somewhere unique to stay, something like the Wing Creek Resort is a great option. This is a romantic, mountainside resort and spa. It houses 5 luxury cabins, each equipped with a cozy wood-burning fireplace and stunning views of the Kootenay Lake and the incredible Purcell mountains.


Tip #2 – ALBERTA

Alberta is also a fall-time wonder. Before we get to go around and look at the beautiful orange, yellow and reds that are slowly presenting themselves in the trees around us, we first have to eat a really good meal! The Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant just outside Downtown Calgary is designed for connoisseurs of local fine-dining.

This is considered one of Calgary’s best restaurants, and it’s also a historical landmark. They do “Private Dome Dining” as well, where they set up a private table for you in a totally clear, garden dome. They describe it as almost like Alice in Wonderland, and it really does look magical. This will surround you with those beautiful fall-coloured trees.

While you’re in Calgary, you can also check out the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden! Established during Canada’s Centennial in 1967, Nikka Yuko was built to recognize contributions made by citizens of Japanese ancestry to the multi-cultural community of Lethbridge, Alberta, and as a symbol of international friendship.

They do a traditional tea ceremony, and they even showcase the fall colours with their Golden Maple Reception, which is happening today as a matter of fact. If you want a bit of a cultural experience without the need for international travel, which we can’t currently do due to COVID, this stunning garden is a great option for you.


Tip #3 – QUEBEC 

Quebec has so much to offer in all 4 seasons! I’m not somebody who loves to camp on the cold hard ground with the bugs, but “Glamping” is a whole other story! I love the idea of luxury camping, and Hotel UNIQ is a travelling nomadic village of 10 tents that roam the regions of Lac-Saint-Jean, Lanaudiere, Lower St. Lawrence, and Quebec City!

The next location for the pop-up will be in Beauport Bay in Quebec City, from September 22 to October 11. This is the last stop on their trip through Quebec this year. This is the perfect time to experience the changing of the leaves around you as you spend your time immersed in nature from morning to evening. If you take a drive out to the Laurentions, you can experience 22,000 square kilometers of beautiful fall colours. For outdoor enthusiasts, a fall cycling tour or hike will transport you into all it’s fall glory. Quebec is a really nice place to be this time of year.

Something very cool that Hotel UNIQ also does to support local businesses is to partner with local chefs and restaurants. These are unique to the destination, and it’s kept almost like a secret surprise until your stay. You can also leisurely explore or book activities in the host city. With Quebec City next on the list, you’ll have no shortage of fun things to do. I love Quebec City, with it’s old Europe-like feel.