5 Men's Fall Statement Pieces To Add To Your Wardrobe

You'll want to make sure you have these style essentials.

As the weather begins to change and become cooler, this is the time to look to transitional items in your wardrobe – pieces that will keep you both warm and cool during the daytime temperature changes. These looks will serve you from late summer through fall, and onto the cusp of winter.


Your linen and silk shirts will be put away and replaced with mostly cotton shirts. Before storing your shirts make sure they are washed, otherwise stubborn sweat stains around the neck and armpits can be a challenge to remove the following season. Thicker cotton shirts will help trap the heat in the cool mornings and nights but allow you to breathe during the warmer daytime heat. But as the weather becomes consistently cooler, you can then switch to brushed cotton/ flannel and even denim or corduroy.


Sweaters are a great transitional item because they travel easily. You can pack them away and take them out when needed. I love cashmere for the fall months, it’s light and it traps heat when you need it and lets it out when you don’t. It’s like wearing an air conditioning system. While cashmere is a luxury yarn, fortunately you can find it at various price points these days. I have seen it in the mall from as low as $50 all the way up to 100s of dollars. So don’t be afraid when you hear “Cashmere” you too can enjoy luxury without the luxurious price point. Also, don’t forget cardigans, because they look fantastic either open or closed. A tighter knitted fabric will retain more body heat than a looser knit. Cotton or merino wool to start the season, and heavier wools towards winter.


A vest – or gilet – can be worn outside or underneath a blazer. It provides another layer of protection from the cold. Look for something that has a double-ended zip or snaps, you’ll find these most comfortable and functional, especially when sitting down. You’re less likely to rupture the zip, because you can open it from the bottom. When selecting a gilet try to keep to your usual size, don’t size up/ down. Also, padded gilets are great, look for the ones that zip/ button up to the neck.


Canada is the country of multiple coats, we could use at least up to 5 or even more.

  1. Lightweight (unlined) for cool mornings.
  2. Thicker (lined) for cold mornings & days.
  3. Heavy, for late fall, early winter.
  4. Your heaviest coat, for those very minus temperatures. BRRRR!!!!
  5. Is a run around jacket for weekends.
  6. Is a statement coat.

However, the first 3 could get you through the season but to get you from late fall into winter you need a coat that has a detachable lining. It’s considered a 2 in 1 coat, you wear the shell of the coat in the cooler periods of the month. Then you attach the lining during the much colder fall weather, mid-season. This coat covers you for 1, 2 on my list and should be a staple in a man’s wardrobe.


It’s time to put away those leather soled shoes in favour of rubber soles.  Leather soles soak up moisture from the rain and can ruin your shoes. Rubber soles tend to have greater grip and repel moisture, so you can walk freely in the rain.

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