5 Must-Follow Tips for Clothing Shopping Online

Get your online clothes purchases right, the first time!

Online shopping rates have doubled during the pandemic, and for many of us, it’s become a convenient way to buy clothes.  But – how do you navigate sizing, fit and fabrics like a boss? 

1.Know your measurements

To get started you should know your sizes and measurements. But be careful, knowing your sizes isn’t that simple because not all sizes are standard for each company or brand.

Measure your current sizes including your bra size with different cuts and with different brands and retailers.  Take note of fabric combinations you like. You can tell a lot from a picture except for the feel of the fabric and you want to know how it has to be washed or worn in your previous purchases. Read your current clothing labels and know which blends of fabrics work best for you for wearability, laundering, etc.

Another important note is that sizes can vary from country to country so know which country the brand is manufactured in because sizes are extremely different throughout Europe. An Italian size 42 is not the same in France (it’s a 38).


2. Retailers are making it easier to buy the right size. 

Retailers are using various apps to help with sizing. Use them to your benefit! Whether they take your current clothing size (which only works if you have clothing that fits) and suggests what size you should be per piece. Others have you answer questions before it suggests your correct size based on how you answer their questions.


3. How to shop for footwear

Shoe shopping can be very hard to fit the foot so buy two sizes. Also know your foot and shape look at the cut you are looking at. Know which brands are narrow and which ones are more generous – just like regular clothing, each brand has it’s particular cut.


4. How do you deal with returns?

Be very aware of the return policy! It will it cost you money if you can’t return it for cash so be sure to read the fine print for sale pieces, or even the cost of return shipping before purchasing your products.


5. Look out for those promo codes and deals

Everyone looks out for a good deal and one way you can do that is by registering before you are about to checkout so you can use the promo code. Don’t sign up for the email that gets you the bonus email until you are ready to make a purchase and actually use the code. Otherwise, they typically expire.

Use your shopping cart or wishlist or heart – wait for it to go on sale and then if its’ still there, then you can move forward.