A 7 Step DIY Bubble Skirt Tutorial

Upcycle your wardrobe into a trendy fashion piece!

The bubble skirt is making a comeback, but you don’t have to ‘buy’ into it! We have a DIY to creating your own statement bubble skirt! 

According to InStyle magazine, the bubble hem is the most unfortunate trend of the 2000’s that’s making a comeback. There is a real love or hate division when it comes to the bubble hem but you knew it was going to come back, everything does—am I right? We even had the bubble skirt in our Preloved collection in 2010!

The bubble hem are credited to The French high fashion designer and started popping up in the 50’s. And now you are seeing them reinvented on runways of today. The great thing is that you don’t need to run out and buy these new pieces, when we can refresh something in our closet and jump on the trend at the same time.


Here is how to create your own bubble hem tuck right at home:

Quick version of the bubble hem tuck:

  1. Take the hem and tuck it in to the waistband.
  2. Start from the sides and tuck in, safety pin in place.
  3. Then take the front and tuck that in, and safety pin in place.
  4. Repeat with the back, and there you have it.

For a more permanent DIY version you’ll need: 

  • Skirt
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Elastic waist band
  • Pins

Now there is a little bit of sewing but not a lot, and here is a tip: the fuller the skirt, the more of a bubble effect you’ll have! There is another option of using fabric glue. I did test this with the needle and thread, and either will work!

1. Fold: to start you going to what to fold your hem up by two inches, and then press down.

2. Pin: once the fabric is pressed down, take your pins and pin along the hem.

3. Glue or sew: Glue/sew big and loose stiches along the pins. Pull through very lightly, as you don’t want to affect the shape/width and be sure to leave 2-inch openings on both sides.

4. Measure to your hips: The elastic measurement would be measured to your hips. Note that the tighter the elastic, the more bubble effect you may have.

5. Set your anchor: Safety-pin both ends of your elastic and pin one to the inside of the skirt, so it can act as an anchor.

6. Feed thru and bunch up: Feed the other safety pin through, using the safety pin as guide, and bunch up the fabric as you go.

7. Tie off your ends: When you get to the end, pull out the elastic. You can tie the elastics together, or sew them together, and then close off the hem. And your done!