8 Natural Ways To Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Tell stress and anxiety to take a hike with these expert tips.

2020 has been quite the year for all of us, leaving adults and kids alike with higher levels of stress and anxiety. Here are some natural ways to reduce stress levels and improve your mood from Holistic Nutritionist Andrea Donsky.


I take specific supplements that help me deal with stress better. One of my absolute non-negotiables is my daily probiotic. We now know our gut is connected to our brain so keeping our gut healthy plays a massive role in managing stress. Personally, I feel a huge difference if I don’t take them.

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New Roots Herbal has an entire line of probiotics based on our individual needs and they contain multiple strains of good bacteria including those that have been researched to help reduce stress. They’re enteric coated so they’re guaranteed to reach the gut, and you can find them in the refrigerated section of your local health food store.


2. A good night’s sleep


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Sleep can absolutely help lower stress. In fact, stress can create this cycle where we can’t sleep because we’re stressed, so we become exhausted, which then causes us to be more stressed. So, it’s crucial we do whatever we can to get a good night’s sleep.

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Another one of my non-negotiables to help me relax and sleep better is SunTheanine. Theanine is an amino acid that helps to calm us without causing any drowsiness. In fact, it makes us more focused and alert. There are over 90 human clinical trials on SunTheanine and all you need is anywhere from 50 to 200mg a day to feel its effects, and it works fast so you can start feeling calm within 30 to 40 minutes of taking it, and that feeling will last anywhere from 8 to 10 hours.

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Another sleep supplement is Get Sleeping from HUMN. It’s made with ingredients that address the underlying issues that prevent us from getting a good night’s sleep in the first place like Suntheanine, it has; Gastrodin, lemon balm, valerian root, hops, and PharmaGABA. Together, these ingredients nourish our brain and adrenals to help to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, manage cortisol levels, balance neurotransmitters, and help us get into and stay in REM sleep so we wake up calm and refreshed. Take 1 to 2 capsules about an hour and a half before going to bed for the best results.


3. CBD

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CBD from hemp works on our endocannabinoid system and has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety by helping to balance our nervous system. This is CBD from Calyx Wellness. They’re a retail store that offers different types of CBD products including Calm, Heal, and Harmony. They come in different strengths and flavours and they also have a lotion called Smooth that can be used to hydrate your skin and reduce pain and inflammation.


4. A weighted blanket

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A weighted blanket from Hush Blanket. Weighted blankets are used to reduce stress and promote a better night’s sleep. Think of them as a hug that helps to calm our nervous system. Hush Blankets use Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation (DTPS) to gently put pressure on our pressure points helping us to relax. They have comforters, throws, and adorable kids’ blankets so they’re amazing if your kids have trouble going to sleep and staying asleep. The weight in Hush Blankets comes from small micro glass beads and because weighted blankets can get a bit hot, it can be beneficial to get their hush ICED 2.0. which is naturally cooling.


5. Journaling

Another tip you can do to reduce stress is to journal under your weighted blanket before going to bed. Studies show journaling can help improve your mood and help you sleep better.


6. A Spoonk mat

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This mat comes with tiny spikes that stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system—meaning the part of our nervous system that helps our body to relax. The acupressure from the spikes increases circulation, oxygen, and endorphins in our body. They also help to reduce cortisol levels. Spoonk is amazing if you get tension headaches or back pain because it relaxes the muscles and stops inflammation and pain.

To use it, lie on the mat for 25-35 minutes before you go to bed or stand on it for 5 to 10 minutes while you’re getting ready in the morning. You can also use it in the car or your work chair. It’s made from organic hemp and non-toxic foam so it doesn’t have a smell.


7. Magic bags

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These are Magic Bags. They’re magic because they’re hot or cold compresses that help to relieve stress, shoulder, and upper back pain. They’re made with 100% blue cotton material and because the colour blue is associated with calm and peace. They come in different models depending on where you want to use them on your body. They’re filled with organic oats and they’re compostable after 100 uses, so they’re also eco-friendly. Magic Bag also has a kid’s line called “Warmy” that’s filled with rice.


8. “Scheduled Worrying”

I recently learned about something called “Scheduled Worrying” where you put aside a specific time to allow yourself to worry rather than worrying all day long. It sounds easier said than done, but there’s something to it for sure.