5 Affordable Gifts For The Fashion Lover In Your Life

'Tis the season for holiday gifts - on a budget!

Everyone loves a holiday gift guide to help out with shopping for loved ones. Here is the ultimate fashion themed one for you – on a budget!

Can you believe the holidays are around the corner? I can hear Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Xmas” in my head right now. And speaking of “all I want for Xmas”, we all want to shop safely and cost effective for Xmas. All I want for Xmas is not to break the bank. So I’m going to show you the hottest trends right now to gift that loved one or even treat yourself.

Gift #1: The Shacket

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The (shirt-jacket) is proving to be a fashion lover favorite. Often shopped in an oversized fit, the transitional outerwear piece works well with a  chunky knit sweater underneath or loose or fitted turtle neck. I’m not a fan of big coats usually cause I’m always in my car so the shacket is perfect for me.


Gift #2: Chunky Gold Chains

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The thick gold chain will always be in style but is really making its mark in 2020. With high-fashion favorites from Dior and Paco Rabanne adding their own style to this trend, this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And of course, I have an affordable version that will be the perfect gift for the holiday season.

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I got the chunky gold necklace also from Zara ($29.90) and if that’s too chubby for you there are other options like this next necklace.


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And this beautiful necklace by Annalay which is ($35.00)

Gift #3: The Caryall Bag

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Many of us tend to stuff everything in our bags so this trend is perfect for a bag lover! 2020 marks the comeback of the carryall bag and they truly mean “Carry-All!”. Celebs like Katie Holmes’ resurrected the trend this past winter and labels like “Little Liffner” who I just discovered have since made compelling versions like their Tulip Tote. However, that tote is a bit out of my price range so instead, I found this menswear bag from Zara for half the price.


Gift #4: The Leather Trench 

Who doesn’t love leather or faux leather trench? The slick outerwear trend has seen a few revisions over the years with this year’s versions offering great hues like the honey trench from MSGM or the two-tone trench from Bottega Veneta. But who really has the budget to splurge like that right now? For me, I get all of my leathers or faux furs from Value Village or other thrift stores.


Gift #5: Single Earring Trend

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This brings me to my next trend which is the single earring trend. There’s no better jewelry trend for an instant mood boost than the single earring. Valentino and Acne Studios both showed this style on their models for their 2021 collection and it added a bit more to their collections. This statement earring piece is from By Annalay and it’s $45.00.