These Are The Top Tech Trends To Look For In 2021

Work smarter, not harder in your space with the power of technology.

The Consumer Electronics show is known for unveiling exciting gadgets and announcing futuristic innovations. But this year’s show was a little different – Virtual CES. The bigger and more anticipated announcements are about the tech we use the most in our homes. As people spent more time at home last year, the tech we wanted became the tech we needed. But there are some surprises too!

Samsung unveiled their prototype robot called Handy, aptly named since it’s a robot with giant arm and hand capable of various tasks. Uses AI to sense and recognize objects, so it can tell if it’s holding something breakable like a dish or glass. Handy loads the dishwasher, sets the table and can pour a glass of wine. I know we all want one but it’s just a prototype and not in production.

Are you that person who opens the fridge 500x a day looking for something new to appear? 

  • LG InstaView won’t fix the problem of making new food appear, but it will save you on energy costs! It illuminates the refrigerator’s interior with just two quick knocks on the transparent glass with it’s Door-in-Door®.
  • UVnano™ technology is featured in the built-in water dispenser for enhanced hygiene. UV Light Technology to kill bacteria
  • InstaView® Range has Sous Vide & AIR FRYER from LG
  • app lets you control your appliances and stay organized with meal planning, grocery lists, cooking times etc.

How about homemade ice cream in 2 mins?

Keurig-style machines that make soft-serve ice cream with separate flavour pods. The ColdSnap is a “rapid freezing appliance” that turns room temperature canisters into single-serving frozen treats in less than two minutes. A ColdSnap can dispense all sorts of cold confections, including frozen yogurt, smoothies, frozen protein shakes, frozen coffee, frozen cocktails, and soft-serve ice cream, which comes in dairy and non-dairy flavours.

The buzzwords we’re hearing a lot are 5G and VR

The partnership of 5G and VR can provide practical social solutions across a variety of industries from medical/healthcare to fashion and shopping –  and allows businesses big and small to pivot their services to online.

We miss concerts and in-person shopping!  Virtual reality allows users to tour places, shop, experience concerts, and events in a completely immersive way from the comfort of their own home.  The bandwidth and latency provides a chance to be up close and personal with their favourite people and things with zero interruption.

We’re more concerned about hygiene, so everything seems to be going touchless these days.

Among them is a new video doorbell from that uses video analytics to ring itself whenever it sees someone standing on your mat. That design eliminates the need for anyone to physically press a button, and the built-in camera and microphone let you talk with them through your phone without opening the door.

Now more than ever, health is top of mind so there a ton of new innovations.

We’ll see ultraviolet cleaning devices for personal items, homes and office buildings, and robotic cleaning machines but the bigger focus is on how to stay on top of your own health. We will see the release of remote sensors, fall detection/calling devices to smartphone apps to a non-invasive glucose monitors.

With Apple – huge strides with the health app which allows you to now connect other smart devices like smart scales, blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, and more. You can access all your available health record data across multiple institutions in just one view.