How To Have A Romantic Valentine's Day At Home

Here's how to make the most of this special day, in a safe way.

Forced to spend Valentine’s Day at home?  While this may not be want you had anticipated, Stylist Kim Appelt shows you how to make the most of this day in a safe way.

Start the Day with a Great Breakfast!

What’s more romantic than cooking for your partner? Whether it’s pink heart pancakes or plain old scrambled eggs, spend some time with your loved one over breakfast. Leaving a little note on the plate can be a sweet touch. If you’re looking for a cute outfit for the morning, a pink sweatsuit is not only adorable for Valentine’s Day, but is also a huge trend this year!

Create a Bag of Goodies

Fill a bag with your loved one’s favourite things, whether that’s wine, candles or a book! If you want to take this gift to the next level, consider a tote that you can get monogrammed . This one from Bag & Bougie is a great option – and it’s vegan! This option isn’t just good for partners, but can work for parents, siblings, children or friends.

Make a Fun Cocktail for a Movie Night

the royal treatment cocktail

Turn your living room into a cinema! You can class up your movie night by googling a few cocktail recipes and trying something new. If you’re really feeling elegant, this relaxed wrap dress will let you curl up on the couch like a princess – and will keep you comfy!

Have a Candle Lit Dinner

It’s a classic for a reason; the candle lit dinner has long been a Valentine’s Day staple. Break out the candles, cook for each other and really style it up! Going all out dressing up and having fun doesn’t have to cost a lot. The Fashion Edit and Trend Savvy have some fun options that will make you feel great and not break the bank! If you want to top off your dress with some dazzle, the “Dare to Dream” ring is a great option. A solid rose gold band symbolizes heartfelt connections… and could act as a hint to your loved one, if you’re so inclined.

End the Night With a Little Spice

It is Valentine’s Day, after all. End the evening with a wink and a nudge in this stunning nightgown. It’s long and classy and can be worn as a sultry dress or silky lingerie.

Happy Valentine’s Day, we hope you and your loved one have a lovely February 14th with these tips!