5 Ways To (Safely) Spread The Love This Valentine's Day

Make this Valentine's Day one to remember.

This year has been indisputably tough. In this time of hardship, we’re looking for ways to spread the love to those around us. Lifestyle Expert Pay Chen shares some of her favourite ways to spread joy to those near and far!

#1: Support Local Restaurants and Shops

Ordering take-out or sweets from a local spot can be a treat for you and your loved one, but also for local business owners. This is so easy to do now, since almost all shops do delivery now, even small places. You can even order food to a distant loved one as a sweet surprise!

#2: Spoil Yourself and Those Around You

Often, V-Day has been about giving a partner flowers and chocolate or receiving them yourself. There’s no reason not to pamper yourself or a platonic loved one though! Get yourself a good book, a nice candle or whatever strikes your fancy, or buy your best friend a gift for a change. Love comes in all forms, after all. If you need ideas, here’s how to do the classics – in style:

  • Flowers – Spruce up your bouquet by supporting a local florist or plant shop. Lots of places have a subscription box if you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving. For example, 2Peonies will deliver a few stems to your door bi-weekly – not enough to turn your home into a jungle, but certainly enough to add a pop of life to your home! For something more low-maintenance, Lucky Bamboo is a good pick. It lasts a long time and brings good luck!

  • Chocolates – If you’re looking to treat yo’ self, look to your local chocolatier or sweet shop. Soma chocolates is a good bet, and they deliver! Lots of shops are also open to customizing items if you’re looking for something more personalized.

  • Jewelry – Gold is great for Valentine’s Day, and lucky for the Chinese New Year, which falls on the same weekend. Gold symbolizes wealth, prosperity and good fortune. If you’re looking for some simple yet elegant pieces, these ones from Michael Hill are gorgeous.

#3: Connect Virtually With Loved Ones

Set up a virtual get-together with your friends. This can come in the form of a spa day (you can send face masks, nail polish or bath products) or a glam get together where everyone dresses up. If you want to go the extra mile, order yourself or a loved one something cozy to wear, like slippers or PJs. Something more presentable, that can also be used for work calls is also a nice gift. We’re a big fan of Kate Austin’s organic cotton shirts.


#4: Send Some Snail Mail

Sometimes keeping it old school is best. Everyone loves receiving mail, and getting a small package or a letter can be an instant boost to someone’s day. This is a great way to let someone know that you’re thinking of them. Browse some Etsy vendors for cards and let your loved one’s know they’re in your thoughts.

#5: Volunteer

There’s no reason to only send love to people you know. Reaching out to those who are isolated and lonely right now is so important. Delivering groceries to seniors in community housing is a great way to help some of our most vulnerable feel less alone. It’s important to remember that the greatest act of love doesn’t come in the form of gifts, but rather from actions and intentions.