How To Affordably Look Fabulous This Valentine's Day

We know you’ve all converted to the “sweat pants all day” look….but you have to admit, it feels good to dress up a little sometimes.

We know you’ve all converted to the “sweatpants all day” look…. but you have to admit, it feels good to dress up a little sometimes. Here’s how to look like a million bucks without breaking the bank using Fitzroy Rentals.

What is Fitzroy Rentals?

Based in Toronto, Fitzroy rentals is Canada’s largest dress rental service. They offer dresses, jumpsuits and more for either 4-day or 8-day rental, which they ship right to your home anywhere in Canada! They also have curbside pickup available for you Toronto folks. That’s not all though, they also have stylists that can help you select a dress and advise on fit and style – either in person or online!

Why Use Fitzroy Rentals?

Let’s start practical: renting is cheaper than buying! No one wants to blow money on a dress they’ll only wear once. This also gives you the opportunity to be a bit adventurous and wear something you normally wouldn’t buy. Thinking bigger picture, this is also a sustainable choice and helps to support a local Canadian business.

Outfit 1: V-Day Dinner

Just because we’re at home doesn’t mean we can’t get glitzed up. A fun sparkly dress can add some opulence and glamour to your night. If dresses aren’t your thing, a sparkly jumpsuit will work just as well! Order some food from your favourite restaurant, light some candles, grab some wine and have a romantic night!

Pink Sequin Bell Sleeve Shift Dress

Mercury Jumpsuit in Black & Gold

Outfit 2: Virtual Date 

If you can’t be with your date in person this V-Day, you can still look great on camera. A beautiful two-piece glamour suit is a very classy option. If you’re looking for more comfort, there are plenty of gorgeous (but comfy) jumpsuit options that would work on a date.

Kaia Two Piece

Bisset Velvet Striped Jumpsuit

Outfit 3: Photoshoot-Ready

This is the look for if you want to go all-out. If you and your partner are into taking beautiful photos together, these looks are perfect to make you look absolutely regal. The first is a nude Fairytale gown that is completely ethereal. The second, a blood-red Flamenco dress is just pure decadence. No matter the angle or lighting, you’re sure to look stunning in a dress like this!

Fairyland Gown

Flamenco Gown