A Simple Feng Shui Boost For Your Home Office

A lot of us are working from home. Whether you have a dedicated home office, or the dining table, you can give your set up a boost of energy with Feng Shui.

Whether you have a dedicated home office, or the dining table, you can give your set up a boost of energy with Feng Shui. Dana Claudat shows you how.

Feng Shui is the art of arranging the objects in your personal space to create harmony between you and your environment. Here are a few things you can do to put this philosophy into practice.

#1: Burn Salt To De-Stress

This is excellent for a one-time fresh start as it’s one of the most powerful ways to clear stressful energy and bad vibes from homes.  You won’t need to do it often but you do need to do it safely. Be sure to do this without kids or pets around, do it far away from anything highly flammable and when you have no distractions, as it requires your full attention.  

Using either table salt or sea salt, fill an oven-safe small bowl or ramekin. You can also place this in a pan full of water for extra safety. Next, pour rubbing alcohol over the salt until it’s fully wet but not a puddle of alcohol. Light it, but be very careful. As it burns, imagine every bit of stress in your home burning away. Watch it until it’s fully extinguished.

#2: Set Up Your Desk With Intention

Ensuring that everything on your desk has a reason for being there is a great way to feel in control of your space. Some objects that you might want to think about incorporating are:

  • A plant – big plants symbolize a growing of your abundance!
  • A piggybank or jar to collect money, so you can watch spare change pile up
  • A crystal, like amethyst – different stones symbolize different things

Desks are also a place where you can add objects that bring you more illumination and remind you of love, your passions and synergy in all of your relationships. A desk lamp or salt lamp can help in creating a grounded and calm space, as well as providing light. Pairs of objects with similar decorative qualities can help unify a space. For example, copper finishing on more than one element. And of course, this is the best place for a framed picture of your loved ones, so they can be beside you all day long.

#3: Add Empowering Art

Have art in front of you or around you that connects you to your dreams.  Grab old magazines and make a vision board or a mood board that’s full of great energy when you look at it. Adding gold ppaint, glitter or other crafty elements can make this feel unified and individual. Do whatever works best for you! You can store this in a closet, but while working at home, it’s great to prop your inspiration board up beside you as you work. If you’re artistically inclined, you could even make a piece for your desk yourself, for an extra personal touch!

#4: Keep a Pitcher of Infused Water

Staying hydrated is so key to feeling higher energy without extra caffeine – and it can keep you from feeling the need for extra trips to the snack pantry. Include a pitcher of water on your desk or nearby with sliced up citrus, a sprig of rosemary or some fresh mint.  Rosemary is often linked to sharper memory, so if you struggle with scatterbrained-ness while working, this is a great pick. Mint is energizing and can provide you a much-needed boost..

#5: Maintain fresh energy in your workspace.  

At the end of the workday, use a damp cloth to wipe down the desk so you’re greeted the next morning with fresh energy and a clean workspace. Add fragrant flowers or an oil infuser to give a fresh scent to the area. Lighting a candle can also help to provide a serene environment, whether you’re in the midst of your day or just wrapping up.