4 Cutting Edge Fashion Brands That Spotlight Inclusivity

When you hear the words “inclusive fashion,” you might assume that only means additional sizes, but that’s not always the case.

When you hear the words “inclusive fashion,” you might assume that only means additional sizes, but that’s not always the case. Including more sizes is extremely important, but so is fashion for those that aren’t defined by gender, or those that use a wheelchair every day.  In this article, we’re going to open your eyes to fashion that includes more than just sizes.

Brand #1: Izzy Camilleri

Izzy Camilleri has launched it’s IZ collection, a line of adaptive clothing for wheelchair-using people. Adaptive clothing is unique because it is designed around the seated frame to provide the best amount of choice for wheelchair users. They have beautiful, stylish pieces.  This adaptive brand does not compromise on style and is functional for their customers.

Not only is this line making clothing more accessible, it is also raising awareness around disability issues and raising the profile of models who use wheelchairs. It’s truly a company that understands that representation matters.

As a bonus fun fact, the namesake designer, Izzy Camilleri, created Meryl Streep’s iconic coat in The Devil Wears Prada.

Brand #2: RUBIES

Identifying as transgender comes with so many challenges, but acceptance is often at the forefront. This becomes even more difficult when the transgender people in question are kids. RUBIES was created out of the love of a father for his transgender daughter.  He saw how much he helped her by creating a prototype for a bathing suit bottom and he wanted to help other families and kids facing the same challenge.

These are bathing suit bottoms and one pieces, in fun colours, that give the proper and seamless support to the child that wears them.  They have an array of fun colours and in the near future, they’ll be launching an underwear line, due to the overwhelming love and demand from the public. This is worry-free comfort because it is made from soft compression, spandex and mesh technology.  At the end of the day, you want your child to be comfortable in what they are wearing and enjoy the hot weather like all the other kids. Their mission is to build a community that encourages conversations, creates connections and most importantly, provides courage to girls transitioning and their families.

Brand #3: Aille Design

This brand is for the visually impaired, but is designed for all! It gives the buyer the option to read the product features in braille, so that they have independence and control. At first glance, it looks like beautiful beading, but the detailing is actually braille. While gorgeous in appearance, the beading also provides crucial information like the size, the style, how to care for the item and more! This is a brand that proves that fashion is for everyone.

Brand #4: Nudnik

This brand provides gender neutral clothing for kids, and stays eco-friendly while doing it! Nudnik is made entirely from old fabrics that were destined for landfills.  They are known for their patch work, which makes it unique and fun for any kid.

They’ve also got face masks in the form of “herobands”, which is a great way to get kids excited about wearing a face covering, should they have to leave the home.

What other brands do you know that are trailblazers in their industry? Let us know in the comments!