4 Easy Ways To Keep Tidy And Clean On The Go

Stay safe, tidy, and clean as you venture back into the world.

As the world is starting to open up more and more, we’re all getting excited about getting out of the house. As we make our plans, here are 4 tips for staying safe, clean, and tidy on the go.  

#1: Food Trays

If you’re like most, these days take out is a regular thing. It’s still a bit too cold to eat outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drive somewhere nice an eat in the car. To prevent spills and crumbs as much as possible, it can be wise to use plastic trays like these ones. They even have a spot to hold a small drink and cutlery! 

#2: Grocery Bag by the Console

Inevitably, takeout and snacks will lead to a pileup of garbage in the car. Instead of dirtying your car floor with wrappers, hook an old grocery bag to the back of a chair. If you’re looking for a sleeker solution, you can get little garbage bins to slot into the side of your door, or to clip onto the back of your chair.

#3: Disinfectant Wipes

Now, after the year we’ve had, and the things we’ve learned, many of us are feeling extra conscious and cautious about germs and bacteria as we head out and about. Keeping Clorox On-The-Go Disinfecting Wipes in your glove compartment or console can help you keep your space sanitized and ease your mind. They’re bleach free and kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. We’ve all gotten used to disinfecting in the home, but as we are on-the-go more and more, it’s important to think of ways to protect ourselves on the road with safe to use cleaning products we trust, too. Keeping some in your purse to use on elevator buttons or gas pumps isn’t a bad plan either.

#4: Control the Junk in your Trunk

Manage the junk in your trunk using a storage bin with compartments. It works for groceries and items you want to keep in your car at all times, like windshield wiper fluid, a blanket and cleaning supplies. For bigger messes (or if you have kids) use a portable upholstery cleaner to clean the fabric seats of the car. And wipe any shoe marks on the plastic surfaces (back of seat and inside of doors) with your on-the-go wipes.