Two Famous Kitchens To Take Design Inspo From

Learn from the best when it comes to kitchen décor.

We all know that kitchens are the heart of the home. Whether you’re an avid cook or take-out junkie, if you have a large kitchen or a small one, the kitchen is an important aspect of the home. Most of us have ideas of what our perfect kitchen would be. Here’s how we can take those inspirations and incorporate them into our existing kitchens.

There is no shortage of inspiration for modern kitchen remodels online, in magazines and of course, on Cityline! But today, we want to take inspiration from two very famous ladies’ kitchens.

Julia Child

Starting with the grande dame herself, Julia Child needs no introduction! As a chef, her kitchen was certainly lived-in, and she considered it a work-room – not a showroom! If you’ve seen photos of Julia Child’s kitchen you would probably say it was fun and cluttered – but also organized. Everything is visible but has a “home”.  The colours are cheery, and the finishes and materials are practical. 

Function: Everything you need at hand. It’s cluttered, but the chef knows where everything is.

Materials: Practical and utilitarian. 

Style: Cheery and nostalgic.


How to Get the Look:

For materials, butcher block counters and stainless steel are very practical. Though they’re not for those who can’t handle seeing a stain or a scratch! For backsplash tile, again Julia would choose practical, so porcelain or ceramic or maybe even glass is a good call!  Don’t just go with a white subway tile: Madame Child would want a touch of colour or even a pattern. For floors, linoleum or vinyl are very practical! With the wood counters you want the contrast of a painted finish for cabinets. Choose something vibrant and fun!

Vintage designed hardware is also trendy again, and using authentic vintage pieces are key to this look, as well as traditional gingham linens. The yellow and white check is particularly retro. Peg-board was quite new & popular in the 60’s, especially in garages and retail stores. Julia also featured it in her kitchen. Today we might use a hanging pot rack from the ceiling, or a rail system on the wall or backsplash for cooking utensils instead.

Georgia O’Keeffe

Although we know Georgia O’Keeffe as an artist and not a chef, she loved cooking, and growing her own fruits, vegetables and herbs in her organic garden. She’s often equated with her colourful, larger than life floral paintings, but her kitchen was very modern, white and although not colourful, very warm and natural.  

Function: Clean, pared-down and open.

Materials: Natural and functional. 

Style: Modern, natural and rustic.


How to Get the Look:

This aesthetic translates so well today – it’s easy to pick out materials, finishes and kitchen accessories that capture its essence.  Natural wood  and white-washed wood bring warmth and some rustic texture. Those beautiful adobe walls are not something you can easily emulate, but you can bring that texture in through natural stone in counters or tiles. Overall, the colour palette is pared down, white on white, with natural colours inspired by the clay and stone outside Georgia’s kitchen window. If you don’t have a beautiful view outside, opt for flowers or some colourful art inside.

Simple architectural hardware in matte steel or antiqued nickel works well with this style. As for kitchenware, utensils and accessories, this minimal look requires quality over quantity, so functional, high quality cast iron and stainless steel are your best bet. Organic forms and natural materials like stone, pottery, wood and handmade objects add a nice, rustic touch. If there is any pattern in this look, it’s in woven textiles like runners, placemats or wall-hangings.