Here's How Your Diet Could Be Affecting Your Vaginal Health

Manage, improve, and maintain your vaginal health with these holistic nutrition practices.

Have you ever thought of how what you put in your mouth affects your vagina? Adrienne Rommel is a Yoni Nutritionist who says that if we take proper care of our vaginas, they will take care of us! Yoni nutritionists focus on the connection between gut health and vaginal health. Here are some tips on how to manage, improve, and maintain your vaginal health with holistic nutrition practices.

Avoid Inflammatory Foods

Inflammatory foods are unfortunately often some of our favourites, like gluten, dairy and sugar. These foods cause inflammation in the gut and subsequently, in our nether regions. This creates the perfect environment for an infection because it can throw our gut/vaginal flora and our vaginal pH levels off-balance. This leaves us more prone to yeast and BV infections, and weakens our immune systems, making us more susceptible to viruses like genital herpes and HPV.

Sugar is the worst thing we can eat because it literally feeds the bad bacteria in our gut, causing it to overgrow. This has a negative impact on our vaginal health. Sugar is usually the hardest thing for people to eliminate because it’s addictive! But when you struggle with chronic vaginal infections, it’s necessary to minimize and eliminate if you can.

Gluten and dairy are bad for our vaginas too. Have you ever noticed that you feel congested after eating dairy products, like you have a frog in your throat? That’s your body’s inflammatory response kicking in.

An Important Tip: Just because something says that it’s gluten-free, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Always read the labels and the ingredients in pre-packaged foods, and especially look at the sugar content!

Be Aware of What Supplements Can Do

Supplementation is also really important. Gut supporting supplements like omega 3’s, vitamin C, B-complex, probiotics, and others are key to maintaining your gut and vaginal health. It’s important to be consistent and take them every day for best results!


Mitigate Stress

Stress has a massive impact on our immune systems, including our vaginas. Manage your stress. Chronic vaginal infections don’t just happen out of nowhere and are usually triggered by stress. Practice self-care and self-love, exercise, do things that make you happy to minimize your stress. Sleep is important for this too, as it allows your cortisol to drop.

There is 100% an emotional connection to your vaginal health. Our emotional state can affect how we feel down there and how we feel down there can affect our emotional health and mental health, our sense of self-worth, and our self-confidence.

Courtesy of Adrienne Rommel, the Yoni Nutritionist

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