How To Create A Peaceful Bedroom Environment

Your sleep quality is dependent on your surroundings.

Did you know the average person spends about 26 years of their life sleeping? That’s almost 10,000 days, so clearly your bedroom is the most important room in your house. It should be a place that makes you feel relaxed and at peace, so we’ve got some great tips for making the ideal sleeping environment.

Walls and Floor

Getting the effect you want from your room is all about getting the most out of your vertical and horizontal real estate. When trying to create a bedroom sanctuary, it is really important to set the overall tone, and the easy way to do that is by using the largest surface area you have – the floors and walls! A solid but beautiful base is important for floors. If you’re the type that loves hardwood flooring, Home Depot’s Wellmade Engineered Oak Floor is a good pick. They have a light beach tone to them, feel amazing under foot and were super easy to install.

You can get more personal and creative with the walls. Maybe you have a place that brings you calm, and you want to evoke it in your home. With a service like About Murals you can bring your favourite spot to your bedroom. Literally falling asleep in a place of peace can be an instant mood change that sucks the stress out of the day. So covering your walls and surrounding yourself with something that makes you feel incredible, whether that be a paint or mural, is top of list in creating a restful space. 

The Bed

Centre stage in any bedroom sanctuary is an absolutely comfortable and supportive bed. We sleep an average of 7 hours per night. During this time, our brains and body recover, so it’s crucial that our sleeping environment supports that. A good mattress that suits your needs is important. IKEA’s HIDRASUND mattress is made with natural materials like coconut fibres, cotton and wool in it, so it provides supple comfort and pulls moisture away from the skin. This helps to create a cool and even sleep temperature, if you’re the type that’s prone to overheating.

A small and strange trick that not many know is to turn your bed on it’s side. Most master bedrooms are wide and narrow, so arranging a queen bed long ways cuts the room and doesn’t leave a lot of room to move freely. You can also cheat the headboard by mounting it on the side of the bed instead of the top. This way you can save space and occupy the natural flow of the room. The only caution in using this is if you are a directional sleeper and need to face a specific direction when you sleep. 


One aspect of feeling zen is feeling like everything is up and running properly. This is to say – practicality matters! Be sure your closet is beautiful, but versatile. We recommend the AUDRAL closet system, which you can customize it in a way that serves your needs best. This lets you keep your room practical and organized.

Lighting Control

As important as it is to have several sources of light in your bedroom, it is equally important to control those sources. If you live in the city, where there’s so much light pollution, a blackout window solution might be imperative. Something both practical and convenient is the FYRTUR automatic blackout blind system. It not only comes with a sleek remote, but can also be controlled by an app on your phone allowing you to control multiple blinds and set specific times for you blinds to open and close. This lets you fall asleep quickly, but also wake up gradually with natural light.  You can also have the same app controlling smart bulbs in your room, like the TRADFRI LEDs. Since these are LEDs, they have 20x the lifespan of regular bulbs.

Air Quality

Adding to this theme of creating a healthier space, air quality is an easy thing to change that has endless benefits! For instance, IKEA’s new air purifier is a simple and affordable way to remove pollutant in the air. This includes odours dust, smoke, pollen and chemicals. Plus, if you’re doing any renovations, you want to make sure you aren’t breathing in any harmful chemicals.