4 Hacks To Solve Annoying Household Décor Problems

Whether you're slipping off couch cushions or dealing with droopy duvets, we've got some hacks for your home's most annoying problems.

The more we are at home, the more small annoyances become big annoyances! Whether you’re slipping off couch cushions or dealing with droopy duvets, we’ve got some hacks for your home’s most annoying problems.

The Case of the Slippery Cushions

If your sofa cushions slide over the edge of the couch, there’s an easy fix for that! Take a rug pad, cut it to size and place it under the cushion. The traction will hold it in place! You’ll never slip off the couch again!


The Case of the Ugly TV

If you want a break from staring at a blank screen on your wall, you can turn your smart tv into a piece of art. YouTube has a ton of art slideshows that you can play. Open up the YouTube app on your TV and search ‘tv art slideshow’ and scroll until you find art that suits your style. You can even pause it on a favourite piece, but not for too long. Keeping a single image on screen for too long may damage your TV. You could just pull up a pic of the beach and pretend you’re on vacation!

The Case of the Crooked Candles

Have you ever set up a group of candlesticks on your mantle or dining room table only to have them refuse to stand up straight? Here’s an easy trick: light the candle. Let it burn for several seconds and then dip the melted wax into the candle holder. Put the candle back in place and hold it straight. When the wax dries, it will act like glue, holding the candle in position. 

Copper candle holders

The Case of the Droopy Duvet

There are few things worse when you get into bed and the top of your blanket is all cover and no duvet. Some duvet covers come with straps, which is great, but not all of them do. Your duvet may also not have tabs for straps to attach to. However, you can get clips to hold your duvet components in place.