How to Completely Automate Your Backyard

Keep technology at the forefront this summer.

Recently backyards have become the place to hang out! To help in making backyards easy to fall in love with, you can add new technology to your space.

Lighting and Lamps

Lights can be used in your outdoor space to brighten them! Two kinds of lights that are good options are both string lights and mini-lights. These lights can be hooked up to a Wifi enabled outdoor plug and controlled by voice command. When you’re inside you just have to speak to turn them on. If you’re outside, you can use an App on our phone to switch them on or off.

Outdoor lighting comes in all shapes and sizes these days. The Bolleke hanging lamps are a great choice and have colourful loops that are made to resemble a hair elastic. They can be tied or hung from just about anything. Another great lamp is the playful Edison lamps. These are all charged via USB and can light up from 6-24 hours depending on the brightness setting you use.

For your pool or pond, a great option is light-up inflatable planets from Amazon. They’re solar powered which allows you to just blow them up and send them on their way! They start to glow as soon as the sun goes down.

Outdoor Speakers

Having your tunes outdoors is an absolute must! The KitSound Diggit Bluetooth speakers can stake right into the ground and will give you great sound. If you get another speaker it can pair-up and play for up to 8 hours!


Weather and Bug Management

As soon as the sun goes down the mosquitos know it’s time to pop by. To aid in preventing bug bites, it’s great to get a solar-powered light that has the ability to be a powerful little bug zapper.

When you’re too hot outside it can really ruin your time. Misting can be a huge help in keeping you cool during the hot weather! The XPower fan from Airflow Go hooks up right to an outdoor hose. After hooking it up, you can toggle the speed and misting to cool off 600 cubic feet per minute.

When the season starts to dip in the warm weather, it means staying warm outside no matter how much the temperature dips. The Heatsail Dome lamp is as chic as one of those cool indoor aerc lamps. This one keeps you cozy with an infrared heater. The heater can be customized in a range of colours, or upgraded to a bluetooth speaker.



Let’s chat about the green stuff! The Husqvarna Robotic Lawn Mower from Canadian Tire maps out your lawn and trims the grass. If anyone tries to wander off with it, an alarm will sound. Magic!