A 90s Inspired Flipped Ponytail Tutorial

An easy way to turn a basic ponytail into a styled and flipped pony!

The trusted ponytail has been a classic look for decades. It’s there for you when you’re having a bad hair day and it’s synonymous with comfort. Styling up a ponytail can create a fancy look, it doesn’t have to be boring.

Tons of celebs are taking the classic pony to the next level by adding a 90’s twist! Anyone can do the pony by following a few simple steps!

Source: The Cut

Source: Southern Living

Step 1: Section Off Bangs

Section out the fringe area using a side part this is a small and angled section. It’s important to the end result that there is not too much hair in this section. From there, secure out of the way the section using a clip or a small elastic!

Source: Novocom.top 

We recommend these stylish clips to section your hair off, clip the image below for more information. 

Step 2: Put in Ponytail

Pull the rest of the hair up into a high ponytail and secure with a thick elastic band. Try to make sure the band matches your hair colour. Brush your hair out tight on the sides and back. Then use a defining cream or pomade to ensure the sides are smooth and shiny.

Source: SeeThru – Magazine 

We recommend the OSiS Thrill Fibre Gum Pomade, click the image below for more information.

Step 3: Hide the Elastic

Take a short piece of hair from the pony to wrap around the base to hide the elastic. Try to wrap it tight to ensure that it won’t show the band. Wrapping it tightly will also make sure that it stays in place for a long time.

Source: L’Oreal Paris

Step 4: Smooth the Side Bangs

Remove clip or elastic from your fringe section and begin combing/brushing to the side. Make sure to also brush behind your ear. Whilst you brush try to curve the hair in the direction you want it to go.

Source: YouTube

Step 5: Gel it!

Use a strong control gel and toothbrush or tail comb (or edging comb) to smooth out the baby hairs and get a nice finish on the section. Add a little hairspray to help hold the shape.

We recommend the OSiS G-Force Gel for maximum hold! Click the image below. 

Step 6: Secure with Bobby pins

Secure the fringe behind the ears with bobby pins in a criss-cross formation. Doing a specific formation will help to make sure our hair stays in place.

Step 7: The Ponytail Flip!

Work on the ponytail itself by spraying flat iron protection spray on to the section.  Then use a flat iron to smooth out the sections of the ponytail curving the tips up to create a flip!

Source: FLARE

We recommend the OSiS Flatliner heat protectant spray! Click the image below. 



Smooth out your hair and try to lay down any fly-aways. Use Hairspray to ensure your hair will hold to its best ability. After you secure your hair, you have a flipped ponytail!


Super fun and on trend right now are hair scarves and oversized barrettes. Both of these accessories would be a great addition to this look if you want to add a little more glam or effortless style:

  1. Add one or two oversized or embellished clips to the side of the fringe for a little elevate glamour
  2. Add a faux scarf scrunchie to the ponytail for a more laid back, casual chic vibe

We recommend these chic barrettes, click the image below. 

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