A DIY Pop-Up Wedding Guide

Wedding planning, but make it DIY!

Do you want a pop-up wedding on a budget? Monique is here to show us how to save by adding a few easy and gorgeous DIYs to the big day.

DIY Wedding Cake Topper

If you’re already going all-out with a big cake, this rustic DIY wedding cake topper is custom, chic, easy to make and stick in your cake!

What you’ll need:
• Paper and pencil
• Craft wire (8-12 gauge)
• Pliers
• Wire cutters
• And possibly some edible spray paint

Step 1: Write out your design with a pencil on paper or print out your design on a piece of paper with your font of choice – I suggest using a script font because it’s easier to manipulate your wire

Step 2: Take your wire and bend it using your printed design as your guide. Pro tip: use pliers if you want clean bends or the wire is stiff.

Step 3: Cut the excess using wire cutters

Step 4: Spray with edible spray paint or pop it in as is- up to you!

Beautiful Alter and Flower Backdrop (on a budget)

A pop-up alter is easy to build off of something you already have. Simply find an object as your base and you can use small materials to really bring it together.

What you’ll need:
• White fabric or sheets
• Fishing wire or twine
• Embroidery needle
• Florals real or fake
• Scissors

Step 1
You want to start off with threading your twine or fishing wire through the needle and string the flowers onto the twine. Be sure to leave extra twine so that you are able to secure the twine to the gazebo. Repeat the stringing steps for the remaining rows of flowers.

Tip – if your flower shifts, use a bit of glue from a glue gun to keep flower in place.

Step 2: Secure strung rows of flowers onto gazebo by tying them onto the gazebo

Step 4: Casually drape your white fabric over the gazebo and feel free to add some more flowers, maybe a garland to finish off the look if you like!



Botanical Place Holder

A Botanical Place Holder is super simple and stunning!  You just need a gold pen and a leaf (holds up both). It can be a real or fake botanical, just make sure if it’s real you’re making it close to the day so it doesn’t whither. If you’re not a calligrapher at heart use a stencil!