All Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy While Relieving Stress

All-natural ways to keep your energy up, and stress levels down.

Many of us have been working from home and not moving around as much as we should.  Our energy is down and when you’re too tired to work out, what else can we do to boost our energy.  Trudy Stone shares some great simple techniques to re-charge!

One of the best ways to get more energy is to workout. If we’re too tired to exercise, there are simple things we can do to change that.

Stress relieving activities:

You don’t have to do a strenuous workout to move your body. Try going for a lunchtime walk around the block or a quick 2 minute chair yoga.

Chair yoga is an ideal way to invigorate your mind and body from the comfort of your office or desk chairs. In as little as 5 minutes, you can perform a handful of poses that will stimulate your circulation, and fill you up with a surplus of energy. It’s a convenient and handy way to integrate yoga into your day and the perfect antidote to the fatigue as your energy begins to falter.

Fatigue is one of the main symptoms of stress. Chronic fatigue and decreased energy levels can also be caused by prolonged stress and haven’t we ALL had a lot of that! Magnesium is a mineral that I like to provide support to my body during times of stress. Magnesium is also an important factor in the maintenance of overall health. Jamieson Liquid Magnesium is a more convenient way to increase your magnesium intake without taking a pill. It’s extra strength for better absorption and comes in a delicious berry burst flavour.


If you are not topping up your body with water throughout the day, then this can have a dramatic effect on your energy levels and overall health.

About three-quarters of your brain is made up of water, and when you’re dehydrated, your brain actually shrinks in volume. Even mild or temporary dehydration can alter your brain function and may impact your energy levels and mood.

One easy way to increase the amount of water you consume on a daily basis is to eat it! {PROPS} Consume fruits and vegetables with a high water content like cucumber (96% water), zucchini (95% water), watermelon (92% water), and grapefruit (91% water).

Eat for energy

Food is energy so we need to support our body with food that supplies us with energy rather than those that deplete it. There are two important nutrients that help to provide our body with the support that it needs.

The first is Vitamin C. Some people who have vitamin C deficiency often feel fatigued.When consumed along with a healthy diet, vitamin C benefits the body by supporting a healthy response to stress – which  may be draining your energy levels and a healthy immune system. There is a very high concentration of Vitamin C in our adrenal glands which are involved in our stress response. The more we stress, the more we lose vitamin C,. Vitamin C is water soluble which means that your body can’t store it efficiently for very long. Instead, your diet must do the heavy lifting when it comes to avoiding deficiencies.

A daily vitamin C supplement is an easy way to increase levels of this vitamin in your body in order to give your body the support that it needs, especially when it comes in a fun format like Jamieson Vitamin C Gummies. These gummies are an antioxidant source for the maintenance of good health and come in a delicious orange flavour with no aspartame, artificial colours or flavours.

Then there’s B12: B12 helps in the normal function of the immune system, to maintain healthy metabolism as well as helping to maintain the body’s ability to metabolize nutrients that may help enhance your energy levels. As you may have heard, vegans are especially at risk since one of the best sources are animal foods. Since B12 is not found abundantly in food this is where a good quality supplement comes in. Jamieson Vitamin B12 | Fast-Dissolving Tablets are formulated exclusively with methylcobalamin, an advanced source of B12 that allows for faster absorption, so you can be naturally energized, faster! It helps to convert carbs, proteins and fats to energy and is available in a delicious, fast-melting natural cherry flavour


The way you breath may be causing you to feel tired, fatigued, foggy, and uninspired. This is because proper deep breathing helps balance the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in your blood. This is vital for high energy levels and mental alertness.

Breathing exercise:

This one-minute breath practice is perfect for when you’re energy dips. It’s an activity based on a slow inhalation and an incremental increase in the length of exhalations.

Inhale to the count of two

Exhale to the count of two

Inhale to the count of two

Exhale to the count of three

Inhale to the count of two

Exhale to the count of four

Inhale to the count of two

Exhale to the count of five

Repeat several times, then return to your normal breathing. Your improved breathing will help regulate the oxygen flow in your blood, making you more alert.

In addition to breathing sleep is also important. Your ability to make healthy decisions is severely reduced when you lack sleep. I don’t know about you but I tend to overeat when I don’t get a good night’s sleep! Jamieson Melatonin Gummies helps improve sleep quality in a fun way and is a natural, safe and non-habit forming sleep aid. It’s available in a delicious strawberry flavour with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.