Exploring The Concept Of Cottagecore

We're bringing the latest TikTok trend home.

Have you been wondering why all the kids on Tik Tok are talking about ‘cottagecore’? There are over 6.5 Billion views on videos marked cottagecore, why is it so popular?  Designers Colin and Justin  explain this trend and why it’s so popular.

What is cottagecore? 

As a concept, cottagecore embraces a simpler, sustainable existence that is more harmonious with nature. Aesthetically, it’s a nod to the traditional English countryside style, romantic and nostalgic. Essentially, it celebrates an idealized rural life.


Even though it’s massive on Tik Tok I think most people would be surprised to know that it started on Tumblr in 2018. Perhaps it’s blown up because since we’ve all been trapped indoors, we all crave the outdoors? Not everyone has access to the great outdoors, but as a ‘response’ to that, urbanite’s appetites for ‘rustic’ have gone into orbit.

Farmyard, Little House on The Prairie, wood, simpler life and ‘shopping nature’  etc. Things like home baking are on the increase – we’ll have a batch of home made blueberry scones under a cloche, on beautiful rough wood platters. These are all things that are considered cottagecore.

Image: The New York Times

Is it still cottagecore at the cottage? 

Something can be cottagecore at the cottage in the same way that not everything at the cottage is cottagecore. That shiny chrome table hauled from the basement in Oshawa is about as cottage core as an old sofa, discarded because it had outlived its city usefulness.  Have you seen the look favoured by many cottagers- filling their homes with all the junk of the day?! In days gone by, old furniture went to the basement, more recently it has started going to the cottage to retire and die.

Image: For You Aesthetics 

But slowly that ‘sensibility’ is changing as people everywhere become more style literate, and dreams of simpler times evolve. Times filled with prettier things, filled with farm yard and rustic kits that pertains to an uncomplicated life. Hence ‘cottagecore’…

Cottagecore vs Dated. 

There is a technique to staying on trend and it does involve quite a bit of research. We’re wildly devoted to the idea of working in the country space, and, to this end, have just launched a lovely new magazine called Here* with Colin and Justin – it’s directed at those who live remotely, and those who appreciate the land by which they’re surrounded.

Image: For You Aesthetics 

We think those key cottagecore items are found at, Mom and Pop shops and small businesses. We use the slogan is “It’s where YOU are…” We like to talk about people keeping chickens, fisher people, styling country rooms and so on and so forth. Our rustic predilections are very cottage core.

Examples of cottagecore décor:  

  • An antique wood chair with a hand applied wicker/raffia seat.
  • A beautiful live edged serving platter, as if carved straight from the tree…
  • Pottery, hand thrown, small and medium sized pieces. Horse hair pottery, etc.
  • A Singer sewing table re-versioned into a cute side table (respect for the planet and re-using speaks to ‘cottage core’ beliefs…)
  • Massive pitch fork (very farmyard chic!) as wall décor.
  • Nature motifs – butterfly cushions (albeit given a modern twist, aesthetically speaking).
  • Black ladder back chairs – a modern update on a classic farmyard style
  • Pastoral scenes paintings (all junk shop finds) that pertain to the outdoors.
  • Hand hewn blankets: we have a great HBC option…