Why You Should Consider An All-Pink Home Design

Pink is a way of life.

Why do an all pink reno? 

Our clients asked us to ‘go crazy’ and do something totally unexpected, so we put our passion for pink to the test. They reluctantly agreed (over a bottle of wine), but were floored with the final result. These clients love neutral colours, and also pink so we conspired this very look- they were very happy with the results!



In the before pictures you may notice a lot of different patterns and textures combined. The goal was to essentially “plain” things down for these clients, and create a more uniform colour story.  A lot of the furniture items below were given secondhand or they were bargains for the client, but a lot of classic pieces. The goal always when re-designing is to use as much as you can!


We started by making the pink feel familiar by retooling their old upstairs curtains into window blinds downstairs. You may be shocked to know that we used the same sofa, we gave it new life but reupholstering it in mallow pink with gold detailing to add substance. The combination of ballet-slipper pink and the gold really brings this sofa to life!

The Hick’s Hexagon wallpaper is a nod to the 80s, a decade that was important to our clients. Hick’s style wallpaper really gives a sense of “mathematical glory” to the space.

Balancing Pink


A pink kitchen can seem overwhelming, but we balanced it with stainless steel worktops and appliances, which makes it feel neutral and professional. Pink and steel- the perfect tough combination! Pink dining chairs and other pink accents in the kitchen complete the look.

We also did a neutral wood tone floor throughout the whole area and placed the entirety of our transformation against white walls.  In the living space the white hutch and gold accents ground the room. If you’re looking for a colour that’s gentle, rewarding and relaxing, then it’s time to get neutral and think pink!