Fun Entrepreneurial Ideas for Every Age

If you’ve been wanting to pursue entrepreneurship, now is your chance!

For the Little Ones (5-12)

If you have a child from 5-12 yrs old, you want to build up some entrepreneurial skills and can supervise, here are some ideas!

Yes, you can do a lemonade stand, but let’s shake it up a bit and take it up a couple notches! Instead of lemonade, they could sell smoothie bars, freezies, cookies or iced tea. (All Homemade please!) Or they could have a yard sale with siblings or other kids in their neighborhood bubble, selling old toys. It helps to declutter your house and teaches them the value of things.

Via: Pretty Prudent

Kids can earn money for their Roblox, Minecraft or whatever they keep bugging you to buy or they can support a cause close to their heart. Entrepreneurship not only teaches kids entrepreneurial skills, but it also teaches them math skills, time & money management, responsibility and empathy.

For the Teens (13-18)

This age group can work a little more independently, and it can extend into the rest of the year. Here are some business ideas to start; this age group can start businesses like babysitting, dog walking, lawn care, online or offline tutoring or selling old things either via a yard sale or online marketplace.

Via: DIY Network 

Now kids, if you’re going to sell old things, make sure you don’t “borrow” your parents stuff to sell. You’re selling YOUR old things.

For the Young Adults (18-23) 

This age group can handle even more responsibility and has a wider range of ideas. Biz ideas like being a personal shopper or a food delivery driver like door dash or Uber eats. Or even venture into online ecommerce – selling their art, thrifted finds or print on demand t-shirts. Summer is the perfect time for this.

Via: Uber

The great thing about these businesses is that you can use platforms like Tiktok and Instagram to market and grow your business.

For the Adults 

Some other summer entrepreneurship ideas include meal prep! If you’re from West Africa, Ecuador or India, make dishes from your country that people don’t have time or the skills to create. Or if you follow a certain diet like keto, whole 30 or even gluten free – that’s a business idea you can try out for summer.

Or you could be a fancy bartender for private parties or curate fancy summer picnic experiences! The possibilities can be fun and endless!

For the Well Seasoned Adults

I like to call them Our Glampa’s and Glamma’s – Many of you have decades of experience in your careers. You can do industry specific consulting. Or using your dozens of years of experience in life in general, you can become a life coach or write that book this summer.

Now is the time to write that biography or even cultural stories to be handed down to the next generation. That recipe everyone asks you for? Sell it! You can self publish and sell your biography, stories and cookbooks on Amazon.