Your Perfect Picnic Planning Guide

Pack a great picnic with things you already have at home OR have one waiting at your destination!

When you think of spending a day in the country, you think of packing a great picnic – here’s how to have a simple yet comfy one!

If you only picnic once or twice a year and are tight on space, you probably don’t want to spend money on a formal picnic basket. I don’t blame you and don’t let the stop you from going on a. Picnic! You can probably DIY a basket from what you have at home!


  1. Find a sturdy basket from around your home – this is the basket from my place that holds blankets and throws in my living room! There’s also great picnic backpacks, this one from the Peller Gift Shop, perfect for smaller picnics like a wine and cheese one!
  2. It’s essential to have a waterproof blanket, wool is a great water resistant material. All of the blankets used are from a local Niagara-on-the-Lake shop called Irish Designs. To keep the blanket in place, attach some weights to the ends from the dollar store.
  3. Grab some of those patio plates that you probably have around. You can definitely use indoor dishes, if you are careful!  For Glassware – I definitely advise that you use unbreakable glasses here – you can get affordable ones at the grocery store or dollar store if you don’t have any.
  4. Bring a tray table to keep items off the ground and make for a more romantic feel.
  5. Wine is often enjoyed in picnics where allowed. This Husky cooler is definitely my favourite one that I have found. It helps your Peller Rosé wine cool while you enjoy your lunch!
  6. Wrap your cutlery in napkins for transportation but also to wrap up when they are dirty to protect your basket from being soiled. Extra tea towels are great for this too.
  7. Use a small insulated cooler pack for the food that needs to stay cool – cheese and meat. You can even use a lunch bag, no need for a large cooler.
  8. Use an extra water bottle to bring come iced coffee for after lunch. This set is also from the Peller Gift Shop.  On picnic days, it’s all about enjoying the day. Relax, take your time!

New Trend: Catered Picnics

If you are really looking to relax and don’t want to any of this…. I have the solution for you! An amazing trend in May destinations is catered picnics! Yes, CATERED!! Here in Niagara-on-the-Lake we have a few and this is the set up for a company called PicNix!

Here is how it works:

You can either book afternoon or evening dining. Simply call, place your order and pick it up in the park. Like making a reservation at a restaurant!

What do you pick up? This absolutely adorable wagon packed with a 5-course gourmet meal including local farm-to-table food. It all done for you! You also get a picnic blanket, pillows or chairs, sun umbrella and outdoor games like bocce ball. I love it for families, couples or if you are day tripping with the dog and can’t go to a restaurant… can you imagine how cute this would be for a proposal??!

Which ever way suits you, just get outside and enjoy a leisurely picnic this summer!