Throwback Tech Is Making A Comeback In A Big Way

What we're going to do is go back, way back.

It seems like in the world of tech we are always on to “the next new electronic thing”. Faster, smaller, smarter, and a plethora of other terms that describe the latest gadget are constantly catching our eye. But some people like a little throwback appeal and prefer their “next new thing” to look like an “old thing”.  So what’s the appeal of the latest electronics wrapped in a retro design?

Theories of the retro design craze: 

  1. The throwback designs make challenging and intimidating technology seem familiar and more approachable.
  2. Retro designs can also give a sense of permanence to something that is seen as a disposable device.
  3. It’s art form in many cases.
  4. Most importantly, the memories attached to our old school technology just can’t be beat!


Let’s go digging in the crates and bring your vinyl collection into the modern world with the help of this Victrola Brooklyn 7-in-1 belt-drive turntable. It has stereo speakers built right in to provide high-quality sound while Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream music from your phone or tablet. Enjoy records, CDs, cassette tapes and even the radio- a music player, for every decade!


Remember Heading to the mall after school to hit up your favourite arcade? Here’s just the thing to bring back those incredible gaming memories:

Experience the fun of your favourite retro games or introduce a new generation to them with the Nintendo Game and Watch pocket console. This is a portable retro console that is pre-loaded with Super Mario Brothers 1 and 2. This hand-held game guarantees for hours of entertainment.

There are LOTS of classic game console machines available that bring you back to the games of the 1980s and 1990s. You can now purchase an Atari or a Nintendo 64 console once again. Many of these consoles have upwards of 800 classic games for you to enjoy.


There’s nothing that can conjure up a memory like our favourite throwback foods! Especially from diners… well this time, you can control the grease.

Make breakfast in a flash when you use this stylish, retro-looking Nostalgia 3-in-1 Breakfast Station. It functions as a coffee maker, griddle, and toaster oven, so you can have a full morning meal ready in no time. It includes all the add-ons to enjoy its vintage-looking style and some tasty food!! All you’ll need is some money for that Jukebox.


If you loved going to the local diner for a glass of fountain coke, bring the diner home with a carbonator machine.  This stainless steel Aarke carbonator has a very retro feel to it and would look amazing on a kitchen counter from any decade!


Remember instant photographs? The Fuji INSTAX Mini is back! We’ve seen these cameras before but they’ve been redesigned to have a major throwback feel!

The INSTAX Mini 40 is a stylish instant camera that captures real, tangible photographs – instantly! What’s cool about the Mini 40 is its compact, retro inspired design Key features include automatic exposure, so you always have bright crisp photos, and a selfie mode, for taking the best selfies.

In addition to the camera, Instax also has a new retro photography inspired film pack. Just like an old-school film contact sheet, the new Instax Mini Contact Sheet Film features individually numbered prints on its border – in classic orange lettering.

Via: Gadget Tendency


Classic toys that were STEM focused are still a huge hit and something to consider for kids today! When we weren’t playing with a stick and our imaginations, we did have some classic toys that were incredible for STEM learning and still are!

These nostalgic retro products include things like Etch-a-Sketch, Spirographs, Rubiks Cubes, the Simon Game, Lite Bright and so much more. I really encourage you to get these classics home and see what your child can create and solve for themselves. Mastermind Toys has a fantastic variety of new STEM and tech toys for kids and kids at heart.