How To Use The Right Brush For Your Makeup

Brush up on what's inside your makeup tool kit!

Are you confident in what your makeup brushes can do for you? Here’s the thing, a lot of us have collected quite a few tools and brushes over the years. They end up at the bottom of our makeup bag, or the back of our drawer, uncleaned. And then we pick one up after a while and forget what it’s for, right?

Here is a refresher course on what those brushes at the bottom of our makeup bags can actually do.

Brush #1: Angle Brush

Angle brushes come in various different sizes and come in synthetic or natural bristles. You can use them in the eyebrows, eyeliner wet or dry, cream liner, or even on your lips to get a really precise line.

Brush #2: Fan Brush 

A fan brush is fluffy and dense. The loser bristled fan brushes can be used for highlighter on the high plains of the face. The denser version of this brush can be used for contour. Mini fan brushes can also be used to apply mascara.

Brush #3: Square Brush

If you are a beginner with eyeliner you can use this brush as a stamp.

Brush #4: Cosmetics Dual Ended Brush

This brush is one of my go-to’s. I love this brush. The dual-ended brush is amazing because you can use it for blush and eyeshadow, or foundation and concealer.

Brush #5: Crease Brush 

Crease brushes come in all shapes and sizes. Normally they are more of a natural bristle and they are very fluffy. Usually, when you are putting a darker colour in your crease you don’t want it to go on as dark. The crease brush allows you to blend it out nicely into your crease so that it is controlled and clean. The crease brush is also good for controlled powdering if you need to put powder just around the nose or under the eyes.

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