Create A Calming Bedroom Sanctuary Using Lavender Paint

Bring the calming colour of lavender into your home!

It’s been close to two decades since lavender was a trendy décor colour and not just something that 4-year-olds wanted to decorate their rooms in. Well, it’s back, it’s matured and now it’s made its way into our adult hearts!

Lavender can have a youthful, whimsical feel, for sure but it can also be sophisticated and modern. The right tone from the purple family can suit any design style!

There are greys with a purple undertone like Portland-Gray that suit a traditional space, the lively Lavender Mist paired with a Dark Lilac feels more modern & graphic and then Porcelain is on the pinker side feels fresh and almost beachy. The purple family overall tends to move in and out of favour but pale tints like lavender are so calming. They are ALWAYS a great choice for a bedroom!

The private spaces in our homes are more important these days than ever. So we are giving more design priority to our private/personal spaces like Bedrooms, bathrooms, basements, home offices.

There are three main things to consider to create a soothing sanctuary: calming colour gentle, rounded forms and layered textures.


How colour affects mood is definitely personal, so there isn’t a colour that will work for EVERYONE, but there is something naturally calming and fresh with soft pastels that appeal to a lot of us. Benjamin Moore has a few pastels in their 2022 Trend Collection but it’s’ Hint Of Violet, that really inspired me for my bedroom set here in-studio. it’s soft, cool and dreamy:

In the photo, it’s paired with white so it feels modern and fresh…but still so quiet. Here I paired it with various tints and shades of lavender and violet for a true monochrome look and feel.  (pointing to bedding) In fact, working with one colour and varying the value, light and dark throughout the space is a sure way to bring a feeling of calm.

Lavender is one of the most popular aromatherapy scents. I have a lavender linen spray for the pillows and always have a lavender candle on the go. Many studies have shown that it helps reduce anxiety and even help us sleep. So why not use it as a bedroom wall colour too?

Overall, I find lavenders, violets & mauves so nostalgic and calming.  I love the hint of violet on its own but for a fun graphic effect, I painted a BIG circle in a deeper tone, Spring Violet.  I think this is a fun, creative way to bring more colour into a space without too much “visual clutter”.


We know that rounded shapes and forms are naturally more soothing an interior design element than hard edges. And we have been seeing this trend in furnishings for a while. I chose this beautiful bedframe from Ikea, the BJÖRKSNÄS for its rounded edges, pale wood tone and of course the comfy built-in cushions for the headboard.

The leather accents are great textural details too.  You will notice that all the furnishings in my bedroom are rounded: the table, pouf and even lighting. In any room, even a few rounded elements will help balance out and help soften the straight lines and obvious square corners that all rooms have.


Even if objects are the same colour, different textures make them so much more appealing! Layering them in a bedroom is so easy – with bed linens, rugs etc.

Here I have some pattern in the duvet cover, but aside from that, it’s layers of monochromatic lavenders, mauves in soft, “touch-me” textures like velvet, faux fur, chunky knit etc. The natural birch, leather and linen of the bed to0 have tactility. These textures bring so much comfort visually and certainly to our sense of touch.