How To Grow Your Own Veggies This Winter

Your kitchen just got a whole lot greener.

Over the pandemic, we have all picked up on new hobbies and passions. Our boredom breadmaking has turned into new side hustles; for others, growing greenery has become a priority. Exploring the toilet-paperless grocery stores, you may wonder how hard it would be to grow your own crops. Immediately, you’re faced with the mentality that you don’t have enough acreage (especially if you’re a condo-bound Torontonian). Your dream of becoming an urban farmer is so close to becoming a reality; you can taste it. 

There are many challenges to growing your own “crops” from the comfort of your living room, but it’s not impossible. Some of the hurdles you might encounter are light levels, air quality, and space. (insert more once you get the segment) Above all, there are so many rewards to growing food that you will eat. Starting the year off with healthy habits is always great, so why not make your salads from lettuce you grew, or garnish your pasta with freshly harvested basil and oregano. Fresh produce is a culinary game-changer for the at-home chef, sure to wow your kitchen table audience. 


While you can certainly build your indoor garden using the basic plant pot and grow light, there are cool, high-tech, growing products on the market that make farming in your home almost as easy as scrolling through social media. Gadgets like the Click’N’Gro and the Aerogarden make it easier than ever to grow your greens from your counter. These devices use innovative technology to properly water, feed and light your plants to ensure your gardens thrive. These devices can accommodate any lifestyle, whether you’re an avid traveller and rarely home, or you’re a homebody who wants to observe every step of the growing process. These smart products have travel settings, so you can leave and come back to a thriving garden.