How to DIY a Chore Chart for Your Family

If you're having a hard time making the kids do their chores, try out this chore board technique to keep everyone on track.

Having a hard time making the kids do their chores? Why not make a chore chart? Most of the time it keeps them motivated. I found that I would have to tell them what to do all the time so I figured why not make things a little bit easier by making a chore chart they can check off when they’re done their task! That way they are motivated to accomplish their morning and evening tasks quickly and we can be smooth sailing! 

To make a chore chart you will need: 

Acrylic Frame

Removable Vinyl

Cricut Machine

Transfer Tape



I designed the chart with longevity in mind – I know as the girls get older, their chores will change and I didn’t want to make a new chart. Keeping that in mind I designed the chart on my computer a using very simple grid for the 7 days of the week. I also left space to write the chores in with a dry erase marker

I personalized the charts with the girl’s names so they know who’s chore is who’s.


Next up, you want to feed the vinyl into your cutting machine and cut the vinyl. I love that this machine makes this type of project super easy. 

When you feed in your vinyl, make sure all edges are straight.


Once your design is cut remove the access vinyl to reveal the design. Apply Transfer tape using scraper to ensure the design sticks to the transfer tape.

Transfer tape is designed to make transferring vinyl designs to project surfaces easy. you can probably still transfer the vinyl from its backing, but for more detailed projects like this, I wouldn’t recommend it. You cut down on a lot of time using transfer tape to when I make things like labels and wall decals, I always use it!


So, I’ve transferred my design to the transfer tape, now its time to apply it to my board – carefully place your design down and I use my hands to press the design down and then follow with the scraper make sure no bubbled form under the vinyl. After that’s done I lift up the corner of the transfer tape and voila! Our chart is done! Next up will be to mount the chart on the wall and we’re good to go!

I really love how this looks and I love the modern look of the chart as well and it fits our home aesthetic!