Healthy Habits to Slow Down your Biological Age

Aging is inevitable. But, we can control how we age and even slow some of the effects.

Your regenerative potential is tremendous. Tissues such as your nerve cells, liver, heart, bones, lungs, intestines, and skin can all regenerate. In fact, your body’s default mode for the 30 trillion highly dynamic cells that make you who you are is that of regeneration, not degeneration. Your body at 50, 60, or 70 years — your chronological age — could have a biological age that’s much older or younger than the calendar dictates. While you can’t stop chronological age, you can in fact slow down and even reverse your body’s biological age. This extends your longevity and, even more importantly, your health span, or the number of years you live in good health.

Despite the fact that we all age, there remains much controversy over what “aging” actually is, and there is no scientific consensus on its true definition. A popular theory of aging is that it is not a “disease” but rather a natural, inevitable physiological process that has no official “treatment”. Aging could, however, be seen as a loss of cellular stability or an end to the ability to recover efficiently at the cellular level from the daily burdens of life.

To find out your biological age, consider taking this test.

Ice dunking is a great way to decrease inflammation, reduce puffiness, improve skin tone and large pores, and improves superficial wrinkles.

Staying hydrated is crucial. Here is a quick anti-aging drink:

– 1L filtered water or beet juice
– 1/4 tsp Himalayan salt
– 1000 mg vitamin C
– 1 tbsp marine collagen

If you want to Supercharge your drink add;
– 1000mg nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) look for the Uthever ingredient on your label