My Curly Hair Wash Day Routine

Curly hair is a little more sensitive, so we need to be gentle and take our time with it.

Ladies with textured locks know that our hair washing routines can often be quite involved. Sometimes many steps are required to get our coils looking right?

Since you’re not washing your hair every day to avoid drying it out, you’re getting sweat and product buildup that needs to be taken care of. But then you do need to dedicate some time to carefully moisturize/condition and detangle your hair since it’s more prone to dryness/breakage.

Step #1 – Shampoo

When you begin to wash your hair, gather all the things needed during your weekly shampoo: scalp shampoo brush and clarifying shampoo. Once your hair is thoroughly rinsed, begin with shampoo directly to the roots and massage in circular motions with your shampoo brush. Rinse, then follow with a second shampoo focusing more on your hair.

Step #2 – Detangle and Deep Condition

Apply your treatment to damp hair; this helps ensure the hair shaft can fully absorb the treatment. They use a spa mister machine that produces heated micro water particles in the salon. This step helps push the product deeper into your hair, making detangling a breeze. Using a hair or facial steamer can help create a similar result for everyone at home. After about 15 minutes with treatment, start detangling with either a wide-tooth comb or a wet brush, and in some instances, you might use both, depending on how bad your tangles are.